Sugden AmpMaster

I have a Sugden Headmaster which is a class A headphone amp but just bought the matching Ampmaster but other than that I have failed to dig up any detail about the latter and wonder if anybody can enlighten me as to its specs.

wayback machine has a version of the sugden website with them - have you tried that?

@Richard.Dane - is there any issue if I dump a screenshot of the Sugden website from 2004 with the basic specs on!? Or a wayback machine link??

Yes. I was a bit bored this evening X)

Copied the text anyway:

One stereo line level input
Two pairs of stereo loudspeaker outputs (four multi-way binding posts)

Input Sensitivity
640mV for max. output
Power Output
34 Watts per channel
Frequency Response
20Hz - 25kHz
10Hz - 200kHz +/- 3dB
Signal to Noise
Distortion 20Hz - 20KHz
Nett Weight
Overall Dimensions
(inc. terminals)
82mm X 230mm X 275mm (hwd)

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I tried the Sugden website first, but that only had an Ampography page with high level review summaries on. Have you asked Sugden? They come across as the sort of company who’d probably be delighted to send you the information


Many thanks. I did try Sugden but without sucess.

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