Suggestion for stacking

Hi everyone

I’m soon going to get my system out of storage, and return to the Naim fold (which I had partially left!). I expect my system to be as follows, including AV:

Rega Saturn R CD
NAC52 & Supercap
NAP200 (may get replaced with 2 x NAP135 at some point)
Blu-ray player
AV receiver

What would be the best stacking order, with 2 or possibly 3 racks?


ideal to have source and power separte - sources on left with Supercap & 200 or 2 x 135 on right

NAC 52

I would suggest Supercap on the bottom of the stack with 200 above


Does the NAC need a gap above it?
Is it ok to have the NAP200 next to the NAC52? (albeit on a separate rack)

I have a 252 and the best advice is to have a spare shelf between NAC and next level

I don’t or moreover can’t on my Fraim -

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