Suggestion regarding VTuner(?) failure

It seems a third-party server/service as down over Christmas & New Year. Eventually, it reached a state where the Naim radio channel worked but nothing else. Now things are working normally. As a suggestion, it would be really nice if the Naim App could show a log indicating if there were any problems. We don’t need a lot of detail: just enough to know that some server was down rather than a problem with the hardware or software. If you know the problem is with someone else’s server, you can relax and not worry about the possibility of having to send a very nice audio system back for a repair.

When the problem showed up, I tried power-cycling my Muso-2, plus router. It worked just fine with a media server. Resetting the box got one channel working (Naim’s Internet radio. But I had no way of telling what was wrong and a Google search didn’t show any obvious outages.


If you had looked in this forum you would have seen multiple reports from users and updates from Naim on several occasions across the holiday from the first sign of trouble, as well as different work-arounds that people were finding useful.

To do this Naim would need to update all the firmware on the streaming devices, I personally can’t see the V1 mu-so and older streamers being updated.

But what of all the owners of Naim equipment that do not frequent this forum? How would they have known of the issue? Call the retailer from where they purchased it? Nightmare for dealers.


Typically a device monitoring a system can detect which version of the system it is connected to: the initial handshake normally includes version numbers, etc. If so in this case, you shouldn’t have to modify older hardware. Regarding David’s comment, I don’t regularly check these forums as I’m pretty busy with my own software project, and I didn’t know what VTuner was until I stumbled upon it. I’d guess a lot of users don’t know either.

While it’s natural for many to be on this forum I will assume it’s a minority of all users out there. Better communication in any other channel than this forum would help everyone including those working at Naim. Strange they they don’t get that. Seems like they are bit stuck in the past in many ways.


I am sure most naim owners could probably put together enough smarts to work out to look on the forum.

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I have on my end three naim users that never visit the forum. They ask me all the time when having issues. If I wasn’t here I’m sure they would not even know there is a forum.


Well excellent there is three people you can educate!

Some people just want to listen to music and are not interested in cabling and power supplies. They have purchased some expensive gear (that could be an Atom for many) and they just want to listen to the sounds it produces. A simple pleasure and life. I expect most owners of Naim equipment do not frequent this forum.


Indeed – and, somewhere, Richard has mentioned the number of Forum members and the general split of posters v readers, the latter being by far the bigger number, if memory serves.

One easy win IMHO would be to have much better direction under the ‘Customer Support’ tab on Naim’s website so as to direct people to the Forum, absent Naim running a real time news feed on the main 'site – which given the website still needs updating in many places and various ‘trees’ addressing, is unlikely to occur any time soon.

For such a big outtake globally they could just have added a top banner saying there are issues with vtuner and point to the forum. Why make communication more trivial than it is.

What was interesting during the Vtuner outage was the big spike in both new member sign-ups and also in visits from anonymous users (i.e. non members). It would indicate that in the search for info many users decided to look on the forum.

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At a guess I’d say that’s not so easy to do while everyone was off over Christmas.

If it’s there in the cms anyone can write the text and publish it in 20 seconds :+1: Maybe for the future. Things will happen again.

Shouldn’t someone always be on-call in case something serious happens?

I have no idea what Naim or Focal’s policy is in this regard. Of course, although I’m no longer employed directly for Naim, I’m here 24/7 365, and @Stevesky was both on here and working behind the scenes, to ascertain from Vtuner what had happened and keeping us all updated.


Good idea.

I know virgin media service comes in for a lot of stick. (Although I find it ok).

But, very close to top of the HOME PAGE is a service status tab. :blush:

If I have a problem with any VM services, first thing I do is check service status. It’s not rocket surgery. :blush:

I have lots of issues with Vtuner, and am visiting this forum in an effort to find out what others atre experiencing. I presume the relationship is a contract/partnership between Naim Audio and Vtuner. My problems include no replies to emails seeking assistance, missing stations from the Internet database even when broadcasters advise of updates to streaming specifications and a generally clunky interface. I do get that servers go down, or just need maintenance. But our expensive equipment needs to be respected by Vtuner which surely has an obligation to be the best service provider that it can be.