Suggestions for a Nova stand

Nice, what model ProAC’s re these? Do they sound Ok this close to a wall?

These are the Proac Tablette 10’s. Truly amazing speakers and absolutely fine against wall because they are sealed box, infinite baffle designs. No ports to cause bass boom! However, they really only work well in small rooms or for near field listening. I recently changed them to the long axis of room and they struggled a bit so I have just replaced with a pair of PMC twenty5.21s. If I had to buy a system for a small room I would go straight back to the little Proacs

It ‘s a nice set up, I have a room 18 by 10 feet, use Harbeth P3 ESR ( guess the ESR stands for extra small room ) . To get the best you need lashings of power, not an ideal match for the Nova. So interested in your comments about the small ProAcs

For many people who use a Nova /Atom or Star the main attraction is decent quality sound without the fuss or palaver . Your set Up looks ideal .

The only thing I would suggest is an isolation platform . But that may be against what you and the OP are trying to achieve


I could do but TBH I am really enjoying the sound of the system and am trying to avoid the rabbit hole of endless tweaking!


And that is what the Nova etc are all about. I have simplified my system and reduced the box count in the last 18 months and I am very happy.

It is not a journey I would have envisaged ten years ago.

More music less hifi


I fully get that. Within this forum there is talk about enormous differences between different systems but if you take all the systems described here (from the simple to the multi box 3 Fraim extravaganzas) they are all light years ahead of how most people listen to music. I have heard plenty of high end Naim systems over the years (and have had a big multi box system myself) and I think the differences between systems on this forum are les dramatic than people might care to admit


The real game changer is I think the dedicated listening room like Linton* has , I just wish more people understood how a good system can sound and dealers saw first time buyers as a long term investment and not as a pain in the arse with comparatively small amounts to spend.

  • One of my favourite systems/rooms
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A Nova with an isolation support !!!

The good thing of course from a Naim perspective is that they have presence in all three camps , the Muso, Unite and separates.

Now if they would stop this faffing about and give us the cassette deck I could play all my Round The Horne Tapes …

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