Suggestions for a Nova stand

I have a Nova in my second location. It’s currently sitting on the floor. Does anyone have any suggestions for a Nova-sized small table/stand that would be decor/wife friendly ? :slight_smile: Something simple and unobtrusive would be best.


If you are based in UK you could look at this range of tables from Heals. They have other models with wooden tops but I fancied the marble one


Where are the wires? That’s the trouble with tables like this - once the ethernet and speaker wires are there the nice clean look is spoilt.

I think the answer to the OP is to get whatever fits into the room aesthetically. It’s always possible to put a Fraim glass and balls on top. Ercol make some nice sideboards.

I placed my Nova under the tv on a glass shelf. The sound was greatly improved using Quadraspire isolation feet.

I use HifI racks, as stands go it is far “room friendly” than Quadraspire , more like furniture

I would get two layers with high legs . Perhaps more like a small coffee table.

Very easy to put together.

Here is the table including wires. The OP asked for suggestions ( not instructions) and I have given him a suggestion. Whether he wants to use or ignore is his prerogative


I wasn’t meant as criticism, merely wondering about the wires. It’s a lovely table; Heal’s design is usually really good. A great solution for a single box.

I don’t mind whether you like my home decor or not. I just find your grumpy old man shtick pretty tedious

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Apologies, I hadn’t realised I was being grumpy. No grumpiness was intended.

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One possible way to deal with the wires if they are a worry is a screen. My Nova sits on an oak table from a set of stacking tables. I had the screen below made to fit around it, the fabric in my case is curtain fabric which is the same pattern as the floor lamp in the picture and the wallpaper on the wall behind me, all from the fantastic local artist Hannah Nunn. You don’t need to be as interior designy as I was, you could buy a hinged screen I’m sure.


No worries - thanks

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I have my Muso sat on top of an IKEA Kallax shelf. It fits nicely and sounds good there. I recently put 4 sorbathane feet on the Muso, even better.

Thank you very much all for your suggestions - I got some ideas.

I’m wondering if I can find/make a type of keyboard stand for the Muso, something like:


but obviously smaller, Nova-sized, with one shelf. I could route the wires through the central column.


What a cool idea, a sort of supported wall shelf.

I use a Quadraspire stand for my Star and am very happy with it.

The speaker stand?

I use the Q4 stacking system for my Star.

AV stand for a centre speaker could work

This is a stand designed for the Music but I think would work with the Nova. Made by Custom Designs in Newcastle so might be able to do something to your specifications

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Muso not music!