suggestions for future feature inclusion

Hi I’m new to Naim having bought a UnityStar a few months ago. I really like the sound and design but a few things have occurred to me for improving the display side of things - one of the reasons I bought the unit.

  1. When I play a CD I only get track 1 etc in the display - why not have the option of doing a names lookup before the CD plays, rather than when only ripping music so that proper track names and album artwork are displayed.

  2. When streaming (or playing CDs), why not have the option to display the track information continuously (or a user set time) rather than going to the Album Artwork display. I know I can approach the display and get the track info. but a bit of a pain when sitting further away.

I cant seem to play my own playlists when having music on a USB stick with a playlist on the stick. Is that a playlist format problem, or is it just not possible. I know if I use the Naim formatted USB system I can create a playlist but I have several from my iTune days I would like to use.

Hi, regarding playlists, I’m not sure how the Star will see a list created on iTunes, but have you tried looking at the music files via the Server input, where they should be visible under Local Music? This generally gives better metadata handling and usability than viewing in the USB input.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do use the servers option, and a network storage which I can play playlists from, but I’m hoping to get rid of that as I use other backup methods now. I have virtually all of my music on a 256GB usb stick set up as a music store. I prefer that to ordinary usb because of the better metadata as you say, but I cant see a way of including my own playlists anywhere on the stick.

When I create a playlist from local music I cant find the playlist I’ve created stored anywhere - not on the usb or on my Android phone. There is a directory called Naimplaylists on my phone - but that is empty (including hidden files) and a playlist directory - also empty.

I thought by creating a playlist I would be able to find it and edit it to include a cut and paste of my previous iTunes playlists but absolutely stumped on where it is - any suggestions??

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