Suggestions for speakers to add to a Mac Mini

Today I’ve had to route Roon through my Mac Mini as my LAN is playing up. As one might expect music sounds a bit tinned canned. What might I plug in to improve the sound? Perhaps it’s not worth it?

Just some small powered speakers perhaps?

Ruark Audio MR1 as an example


Kanto YU2

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How much pennies do you have burning in your pocket, Camphuw?

The definite answer is SBLs and a Nait of course :slight_smile:


If your Mac is of a suitable vintage, it might have an optical out, in which case plug it into your streamer.

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If you want hifi quality then a DAC and amp are needed not just speakers, or DAC and active speakers. If just computer sound mabe read computer mag reviews for best powered speakers? You could of course stream via UPnP to a Qube or Muso if they seem vale for money to you.

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Ruark Audio MR1! They are fantastic. If you can put a DAC in between them then the rural will be really good. As you might suspect I have a pair. Also is your Mac mini old enough to have the “optical out option” on the audio out socket?

I use B&W MM-1. Brilliant speakers

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The Ruarks above are exceptional.

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Both pockets are full of holes …

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Must look at its specification…
It’s only a stand by system so just need something basic for when the other systems fall over.

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