Suggestions please - Do I need isolation platforms?

  1. My LP12 sits on a Target wall bracket and the conclusion from another thread is that anything better is for now second-hand only - not ideal.

That led me to think that I might benefit from an isolation platform (probably with proper spikes or clever cups and balls) under the LP12. If yes, does anyone have any suggestions?

  1. More generally, what about my other boxes? These all sit on a wide 3-shelf table with thin-ish granite shelves, spikes and oak legs. It does not ring or wobble and just fits into the appropriate alcove. HNE made these things for hi-fis about 20 years ago.

If putting CDS2, NDX2, 52, Superline or any of the attendant power supplies onto isolation platforms would improve the sound, I could so it. However, I don’t know which boxes to prioritise and/ or which platforms to consider.

Since home dems aren’t really an option on this sort of thing, I am very much open to suggestions. For those who thinks this sort of platform worth trying, which ones would you recommend and which boxes need them most/ least?

Please don’t suggest that I forget platforms and boards and just ditch my very fine table for a 6-foot Fraim stack: it already sounds too good to justify that size of sacrifice.

I suggest you forget platforms and boards. I also suggest you forget the whole idea of fannying around with something you are obviously very happy with. Keep the money for holidays, wine and whatever else floats your boat.


A Solstice Holiday?:thinking:

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Wrong forum


Thanks @hungryhalibut

That’s 1 clear vote for the no-effort option, which I always appreciate, and on not disappearing down another rabbit-hole.

It also means that there are a pile (?) of threads that I don’t need to keep reading.

I had a Target TT1 wallshelf. If it is level and securely fixed to the wall (using #6 screws iirc) I can see no virtue in replacing it. You could consider getting a Trampolin 2 if so desired, but the Target is rigid and not that heavy whilst being amply strong enough to support a non-Stiletto’d LP12

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Thanks @BigAl

It is flat and secure, so that 2 Do Nothing votes.

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There are some on this forum who have advocated a Fraim for many a year; enthusiastically so. They have since garnered a different view. However, a Fraim is essentially a series of efficient (and expensive) isolation platforms. If you’re unwilling to put up with a Fraim then there are a host of alternative platforms to modify your existing setup which I’m sure are well worth trying.

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Another vote here for do nothing. This forum has a disturbing obsession with recommending the Fraim. If you want to buy a nice bit of bling for your hi-fi, by all means, go ahead, but let’s be real, isolation shelves and racks are one of the more questionable and overpriced bits of foo in the audiophile world. For the vast majority of us placing your HiCap on a granite chopping board, a glass shelf or a sheet of futuristic space foam is not going to make the least bit of difference to the sound. The Fraim is beautiful, some racks have exquisite craftsmanship and isolation platforms can look really cool in a well put together stand/display, but it’s just bells and whistles. You’re not going to hear it, even more so if your room hasn’t been professionally treated etc. like most of us!

Do it for the visual benefit if you want to, but otherwise, don’t bother would be my advice, buy some nice vinyl instead.


There are many platforms, relying on many different principles. Some are pneumatic ( acoustic revive), some with magnetic suspension ( relaxa), some with soft polymers ( symposium, Nagra), other with hard materials ( HRS).
All can have good effects on isolation from outside and components vibrations .
However the problem is that’s impossible to predict how each different platform or isolation devices will interact with the component or source.
For example Finite Elemente Cerabases and Cerapucks: I have some of them. Very very effective under speaker and my tubes pre. But on Naim electronics, they tend to lean the sound. I didn’t liked.
Under my P10, the sound was less involving too.

For turntables, the most effective seem to be HRS platforms. But generally under heavy turntables. Have never seen under Lp12 for example. But we don’t know, perhaps it will be a marvel. However they cost more than 2k.
A member has HRS here, it’s @916SPS .
Another one has Stillpoints. Very good reviews on them. Costly.

Most here have Isoacoustics devices, under turntables ( the Isoacoustics platform) or components or speakers.
Some have Townsend podiums, but for speakers. Don’t remember if other have Townsend devices under turntables or electronics.

Conclusion: try at home or at dealer place if he has the same components or sources as you. Nobody can tell what will sound best for you and your tastes.


For me isolation made a big difference under speakers and my non suspended turntable and a slight difference under my tube phono stage. As FR found under my Naim boxes if there was a difference it was not positive. As for under an LP12 I would not think it would be that dramatic as it is a suspended design which is meant to isolate it from vibration?

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Another vote for leaving things as they are. Unless you have any specific issues that you are unhappy with, ie. either shortcomings that you have become aware of in the performance, or you have become unhappy with the appearance, then I can’t honestly see the point.

It’s possible that by chucking a load of cash at support / isolation accessories you may bring about some improvements. It’s equally possible that if things are sounding very good as they are that you may upset the balance of the sytem and end up being dissatisfied.

In a way it’s a by-product of reading forums like these and of our hobby in general that one always feels the need to address problems in the system - even if in reality there really are no problems! This can lead to much frustration, wasted time and wasted money. In my long experience of this hi-fi game I would say that one of the very hardest lessons to learn is ‘when it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ Had I follwed that advice myself over the years I would today be a considerably richer man !

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I recently upgraded to Trampolin 2 which gives much better isolation than the standard feet.

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I’m a big fan of Fraim, which is one of the best racks around. My suggestion to do nothing is because the OP has ruled the Fraim out. A lot of effort goes into designing racks that work as an integrated whole, whether it’s Fraim, Quadraspire or the OP’s HNE rack. Adding bits and pieces can be unpredictable and may make things better, worse, or make absolutely no difference. They generally spoil the clean design of the original and just look messy. When using the system on a heavy sideboard it can make sense to add an isolation shelf, such as glass and balls or the Quadraspire platform. But if you already have a proper designed for purpose hifi rack, it seems unnecessary to start playing around with it.


Hi Nick,

HRS isolation platforms and Nimbus Assemblies have had a large and positive effect on my Naim and Whest kit. I have my LP12, CD555, Whest Buffer, Whest Phonostage and Snaxo on Isolation platforms. The feet on each base has a specific weight loading to optimise the base and isolate from floor and airborne vibrations. The result is a lower noise floor which reveals more detail, helps with the dynamics and makes the bass punchier. Adding Nimbus Assemblies enhances isolation effect further.

Call Stephen Harper at The Audio Consultants and ask him for a demo of the HRS. He’s in Reading and if you’re in Wimbledon its isn’t too far to visit him (the platforms are very heavy)

If you’re looking at further enhancements better power cables have a big effect, possibly greater than isolation IMO

Cheers Pete.

Isolation platforms

Isolation platform with Nimbus Assemblies


Just Nimbus Assemblies on NAP 500 head


Exactly why I didn’t go down that route with my Quadraspire SVT rack. I did consider some isolation feet or platforms under my Melco and it’s power supply but I reasoned that the rack was designed to work as it is and it would be impossible to know which isolation accessories, if indeed any, would give an improvement. My experience is that these things often give with one hand and take away with the other.

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@DogWalker - great to see that someone else uses Gutwire Chime speaker cable on this forum :+1:

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Your picture is exactly what I mean by it starting to look a bit silly, what with the extra platforms, feet and the Snaxo at a jaunty angle. The design of the Fraim is ruined. I’m not denying that you may prefer the sound, but at what cost, both visually and aesthetically? Is the Fraim really not sufficiently good as-is? Might you have been better with something else altogether, something that you don’t feel the need to bodge?


Hi HH, the Snaxo is at that angle because the back support restricts the XLR cables (bad design!) It’s all about the music I don’t care too much what the kit sits on, fortunately I don’t have all this in a living room so it’s not a priority to look aesthetically right, the priority is to have the music sounding at it’s best … which it does.

If I was building from scratch I’d have everything on a HRS racks but I’ve gone down this route now so it wouldn’t be cost effective to change over.