Summer's Arrived

Speaking from experience. Most do it because they have hot legs.
Indeed, the nice lady behind the coop till commented why was I wearing a thick woolly jumper, scarf and woolly hat with shorts and sandals on New Year’s Eve, then only to get a look down.

Our postie explained that in wet weather bare legs dry quicker than trousers and hence ends up warmer. Over trousers are said to be too hot.

As regards seasons, a neighbour has at the bottom of his garden a blackthorn and hawthorn side by side. Dearly beloved regards the blackthorn as a harbinger of spring and hawthorn (May) for summer. Interestingly we have a self needed blackthorn that has only just started flowering, at least a month late.

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Evidently the apostrophes need to get a move on.

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I hope you have as good a summer as we did. We’ve had a cracker!

Posties have been issued with uniform shorts for years. Here in Cornwall a quite significant percentage of the male population (all ages) seem to wear shorts 365. Maybe something to do with the generally milder weather, maybe they’re just well ‘ard!

That’s it, it’s summer!! official!! Swifts are flying around the village this morning, not sure if resident or migratory, I suspect migratory, as after about ten minutes of feeding circuits they’ve disappeared.
Even nicer, as I was watching the swifts, a cuckoo was calling from up the hill.


It’s dawn chorus day tomorrow. I will be keeping my windows closed tonight.

A few weeks ago I noticed a bird call I hadn’t heard before from home earshot.
Searched the web and found something very similar to what was occasionally heard.
I think I might have spotted one roosting close. Perhaps explains why the recent local dawn chorus has been very quiet.

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Summer?? Spring in Sweden = SNOW :snowman_with_snow:

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