Super Bowl LVI

NFLs not my usual go to for sport but cause it’s sport I’ll be watching, I’m surprised some of our American friends haven’t started a thread earlier.

They’re too busy with beers and SB parties…

Early start tomorrow so I’m only watching the first half. Backing the Rams for Von Miller, and backing the Bengals because of the Bungles!

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Obviously, someone started a thread last year and not many responded guess I just didn’t want them feeling left out. :grin:

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Well, enjoy the rest of the game…
Could go either way, but secretly I’m hoping the Bengals finally get the SB.

I’m off to bed before the half- time show gets going.

You’re not missing anything, the halftime show is awful!

My 39 year old daughter said it was the best ever. I’m guessing like having the stones Beatles and led zeppelin in 30 mins

29 year old

Found the offspring asleep on the living room floor at 7am. Presumably enjoyed it.

For a “neutral”, it was an excellent match, with twists and turns right through to the end.

03:10 am, by the time I got to bed

Ok Boomer! :grin:


As a Boomer, I thought the halftime show could have been decent, but the sound was awful, the stage was awful, and the first act sounded mailed in, like Snoop was practicing his cruise ship show.

Oh - it wasn’t just me that thought the half time show was dreadful then!


As a Chicago Bears fan I have absolutely no interest in Super Bowls…., I now know what it feels to be a Spurs fan.

I was hoping to see the Bengals win their first Superbowl, but I can’t begrudge the Rams a well deserved win (Aaron Donald and Von Miller were absolutely awesome).

Actually… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: …I can!

Didn’t the Rams effectively buy the Superbowl by trading off all of their draft picks so that they could enrol well established superstars specifically to win this one game? Not much thought for the future there. :wink:

I have to agree that the halftime show was absolutely shocking, probably the worst I can remember. Was it even music???

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I thought the actual game was one of the best Superbowls ever - really close the whole way through and both teams played to their potential.

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Funny thing is I don’t mind the game but find all the stoppages time outs and ads spoil it.

I once went to a game in Sydney in 2000 between to major teams from the US, it was being broadcast live back to the States. There was just over 2 minutes to half time, I went to get drinks had a smoke and a slash came back and there was still 30 seconds to play. The game started at 10am and it was mid afternoon before it was finished.

Games typically take about 3 hours to complete, but the Super Bowl is produced to add in even more time for the network/league to sell commercials. And the halftime is longer than usual, too.

In previous years, Superbowl ads have been an art form designed to generate buzz and, hopefully, sales. I didn’t think this year’s ads were up to the standard of years past. A very good game by Superbowl standards. The halftime show was the usual waste of potential.

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