Super-line with SN3/HC setup question

Hello all!

I just upgraded from a SN1 to SN3 (setup includes HICAP DR, Super-line, HDX and DPS 2). When I look at the manual how to connect the Super-line with a HICAP and SN3 I don’t see any connection diagram, only for Stage-line with SN3/HC.

Is the connection setup of the Super-line with a SN3/HC the same as Stage-line with SN3/HC??, I recall with the SN1 it was different.

I have noticed two things after I connected the equipment different as with the SN1

  1. The sound seems lower with the SN3 at the same volume level settings compared to the SN1
  2. The NAIM logo light from the Superline is not completely lighted up (corners seem darker)

Don’t know if both things are normal, can any share their experience?

Yes, connection is the same. Be sure that the link plug is fitted to the Superline.

As for the logo if you show a picture it will help.

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Check the left box, that’s the super line and the logo looks off in the corners.

Also, regarding the volume control would the SN1 and SN3 have the same loudness level at the same volume setting?

OK thanks. This looks like the logo “bleed” that some logos had a few years back. Your dealer should be able to replace the logo for you - it’s a fairly straightforward job.

One suggestion here; the Superline is very sensitive to large transformers close by, so you may well get much better performance from it not having it side by side with the Hicap. It’s worth experimenting with different positioning.

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I believe the SN3 has a less sensitive volume control, so you can turn it further before things get really loud. I wouldn’t worry about that.

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Thanks good to know!

Thanks! I guess it was no effect in SQ, so I’ll leave the logo like that, and consider moving the SL to another place

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