Super Lumina DIN too bright

I have a SN3, HiCAP, NDS, 555PSDR, SL speaker cables and SL DIN interconnect and the speakers are Linn 242. I’ve only had this system up and running for the last week. I was finding the sound to be very bright and was considering having to change the speakers (not looking forward to that conversation with the wife). I decided to try and swap out the SL DIN for the standard DIN to RCA and see what changes happen. I was pleasantly surprised to find the warmth increase and the sound became far more enjoyable, for me. There was less etching of the highs which I found grating. Anybody else remove SL cables due to SQ?

Give it time.
Are there any new components?
The system might just need some play time to loosen up.

No new components. I purchased as a group used.

242s are a lot of speaker and probably not an ideal match for the SN3. The Super Luminas are excellent cables, but as ever it’s about working out what works best in each scenario. Maybe changing to a less illustrious cable helps ameliorate the imbalance, who knows? In the long term, a better matched pair of speakers is probably a good idea.

The SL interconnect does sound awfully bright while it runs-in - I had to remove mine occasionally to play music while they were otherwise in circuit to run-in.
It took mine more than two weeks before it went from awful to bright and a month before it just sounded good and better/clearer than the original cable. It continued to run-in and a lot later it improved much more.

It is revealing and it may not be right in the system - if it is new then try to run it in on and off for a few weeks to see if it comes on-song.


SL interconnect (272 to 250DR) on our old system definitely added some treble sparkle. But in a good way, not bad.

Just goes to show cables are an important part of the whole, and need careful matching.

SL speaker cables also let more detail through.

Here lies the probable answer… IMO… YMMV, as always…

Give it some more time… :expressionless:

I bought a second hand superlumina to replace a hi line and immediate impression was of lots more detail but where is the bass? Turns out the one terminal in the lead had become unsoldered (ground terminal). Easily fixed and then 100% improvement.

Been through he same scenario. Bough the SL DIN thinking “of course it will be better”. It gave more detail and more air around instruments. Vocals became amazing but the overall sound lost weight and became quite dry. Gave it a couple of months before swapping it out for the lavender IC and haven’t turned back.

I hear the SL was designed for the statement series and I do believe that it is not the best choice for the reference line.

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The Lavender is a rather warm and engaging cable not focusing on inner details and “hifi” but instead great in letting you focus on music.

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I’m really looking for that warmth so I’ll be getting a lavender.

Thank you to everyone for the feedback.

The SN3 does a good job of powering the 242 speakers. I’ve typically have the volume at 9-10. I tried out Tekton Pendragon Seas which are quite efficient and found a similar result although to a lesser degree.

In that case, i’d be looking for a HiLine, not a lavender/grey…

I traced the problem to using a power conditioner. I’ve now lowered directly to the wall and the sounds harsh edges have gone and there is a lot more bass. Lesson learned :slight_smile:

Yes, Naim’s recommendation is not to use any form of power conditioning.


Do you mean you have now plugged directly into the wall. Regarding the SL I have not found them bright…the Hi Line cables were very bright for me…

Correct. Power conditioner has now been removed.

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