Super Lumina Interconnect Length?

After reading that Super Lumina interconnects can add some top-end sparkle to a system, I’ve developed an itch to try one between my NDS & 252.

Naim’s website says they’re made to order, but browsing online for used SL interconnects indicates 1.5m is the typical length.

That seems quite long, given digital sources and pre-amps usually sit on the same rack. My WH Morgana is about half that.

Would shorter lengths of SL be non-optimal (similar to the > 3.5m recommendation for NACA5 speaker cable)?

Based on the current Naim pricelist the SL IC in 5 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN termination is available in either 1.5m or 2.5m lengths, so not exactly a bespoke and made to order option. There tends to be a small quantity in the dealer network for demo/loan or even as an ex demo option. Given they aren’t cheap, even used, you’d be wise to try it in situ at home for a few weeks to be sure it’s right for you and your system.
I’d not assume because it’s made by Naim and suitably expensive that it’s going to bring sonic improvements in line with the financials, if you try it and like what you find then all good of course.

Naim have always said that cable length is chosen for optimal sound quality, and they don’t make very short cables because they claim it has a negative effect on sound quality (for completely different reasons to those that determine speaker cable length recommendations). Chord take the same view, and their Naim style DIN cables are also supplied in a longer minimum length than other, RCA cables.
This does make cable dressing more awkward in many systems, and could even be said to degrade sound quality by having cables touching the floor, and having sensitive interconnects closer to mains power cables.

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