Super Lumina Speaker Cables Run-In

Hi, I’m looking for information from all out there who have had or have New SL Speaker Cables in the past or present, would like to know your experience with the difference levels in-between time and ultimately the total length of Run-In time taken for these cable to come into sonic maturity ? Thanks

Wondering if any one could chime in on this subject ?

Well I know burn in does occur but I just don’t know how it’s measured. Do folks listen to the same piece of music at specific points in time and record their findings?

I have them and the sound improved over time, maybe a few weeks. I just play music and forget about monitoring run in. Life’s too short.

Have you got them and are having problems?

Nigel, were you a NACA5 user prior to SL? Did you try anything else or just go for the SL?


I was. I’d had other cables in the past but didn’t try alternatives with my SL2s. The dealer lent me a run in pair to try with no obligation - I liked them and kept them. The experience with brand new ones came later when I had to get a longer pair when I got the 300.

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Thanks, I too went from a pair of Naca5s that were all ready had plenty of use. Moving to the New SLs i am just becoming accustomed to the difference in sound. I only have around 40 hours on them. Just curious about others experiences with them & wondering if they will open up any in the coming weeks and months. That’s all !

Yes, they will improve further. Make sure you have no coils in the cable. If necessary run the cable away from the speaker and then back to the amplifier.

Yes, that’s what I did.

About two weeks to sound worth keeping. Somewhat longer to fully level off. Worth it, but the initial run in was painful. I thought they were broken. My dealer encouraged me to stay with it.

Thanks, that’s great to know. I was kinda having similar wondering’s, knowing it would be a painful wait ! lol.

It should be worth the wait. Good luck with it.

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Harry, you were right 2nd week (120-30) hours on the SLs SCs and they are starting to wake up becoming more clear, balanced and defined. Soundstage opened up wider, clearer, more depth, highs starting to glisten & shimmer, crosovers more accurate & vivid, bottom end (which was always thick) a little more integrated & balance, a little tighter. Everything is becoming more transparent and in your face. The magic is starting to happen ! And I am starting getting a little clearer picture of what lies ahead. Thanks again.

About a year in my case.

About a year . . Wow !

Well, I’m looking forward to the journey. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like to think my brain and ears are not easily fooled, but one should always be open to the possibility that you might be adapting to the presentation, rather than the presentation changing. The perpetual “run in” debate. In the case of The SL cable, particularly the SL speaker cable, it is unambiguous. Nothing sounding that rough can possibly be adapted to. It has to change for the better. And it does.

A year doesn’t sound completely out of scope either. I could happily listen to my rig from week 3/4 without hoping for more improvement. However, months down the line, wisps of detail and insight were still appearing. I can’t definitely attribute this to SL cable run it, but I wouldn’t rule it out either.

I can’t agree with you more. There is always some part of this duality going on while listening & possibly even more as time goes on. This being the 2nd new Naim cable I have experienced run-in time with (the first being a Powerline) at first there tend to be innate changes that occurred after the beginning stages and then dissipate over time. In the beginning being that I was new to Naim the changes in sonic characteristics were very obvious and different. To the point of being stunning. I find it interesting and appealing once the changes start to appear. I have never quite experienced that sudden level of change in the past with the few other types of cables I have used. I do feel that that with the Naim cables I have paid more attention to & it has made me more aware of newly appearing changes in sonic characteristics during run-in.

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