Super Lumina with Chrome Bumper

I used to suspect preferences for Super Lumina broke down based on whether you came to the Naim brand back in the days of olive/chrome bumper or in the classic era. Seemed like guys who preferred olive/CB didn’t like it as much. I am wondering whether that is the main dividing line. Perhaps speakers and sources play a bigger role than I realized.

Folks who didn’t like SL - did you arrive at Naim in the Classic era or in the olive/chrome bumper era??
Also, what are your speakers and source?

I am running Rega Apollo, Chord Qutest, a fully restored 32.5/hc/250, and ATC HTS 7s with AV Options Twisted 56 speaker cable in the living room. Using Chord Shawline BNC/RCA to connect the Apollo to the Qutest, and Shawline RCA/RCA to connect Qutest to 32.5. I had the BNC jacks replaced with RCAs and am using line level board.

Earlier this week I got a Super Lumina RCA/RCA interconnect. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have spent that kind of money on an interconnect but got lucky and found one 85% off retail.

It’s early days, but so far it is phenomenal with a tremendous improvement in detail. This may be the “fireworks” phase that some have referred to. Fatigue may well set in. We’ll see.

That said, it does seem there is synergy between the detail-oriented presentation of the SL and the detailed nature of the ATC and its superb tweeter. The prat is still there. It makes me wonder if perhaps the synergy that appears to exist between SL and ATC may be missing for listeners with vintage systems who are using Naim speakers.

Wow, if I found one at 85% off retail I’d buy it like a shot, even though I don’t need it. I’d then sell it for 40% of retail and trouser the £500 or so. Where did you find such a bargain?

The name it?main hifi listing site in Canada. Am I allowed to name it?

Ah, Canuck. It’s an incredible bargain. For what it’s worth and to vaguely address your question, I have SL cables and started with CB Naim way back in 1983. I really like the way SL works with DR powered equipment, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work just as well with older stuff.

Correct. The provenance was odd and it was missing the box but the guy’s story checked out. Between that and PayPal buyer protection I thought why not.

To your point about SL with vintage gear I was somewhat apprehensive but so far it’s passing the test of whether it improves the connection to the music.

Obviously you have Naim speakers (I.e. flat earth speakers) so that’s not the deciding factor, at least in your case.

I should mention that my interest in SL is that interconnects are literally my only upgrade path for now. Have to have on wall speakers but the 11s are too big to fit, there is no room for additional boxes or even an M scaler.

Assuming I commit to SL the only other thing I can do is add an SL DIN to XLR.
SL speaker cable won’t work with the ATCs because of the size of the terminations.

Did you buy the AV Options 32-5 refurb? If so it was basically a total rebuild ?

Yes. All three pieces (32.5/hicap/250) have been fully restored by them using every trick in Chris West’s arsenal. The prat, the synergy, the chrome bumper rawness… It’s pretty awesome.

Pics please



What a great looking set, Snarfy. Bet they sound excellent too!

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The 32 is my favourite looking Naim product. Those toggle switches are a delight to use.

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Fantastic. That really takes me back. The refurbishment really makes them look like new. Enjoy.

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Thanks guys. They are pure music. So much fun to listen to.

The Super Lumina interconnect continues to sound amazing with the system. The dreaded fatigue has not set in yet.

I know it seems crazy to talk about putting an SL DIN-XLR cable on a system at this level given the price, but hey, this hobby is crazy, and I’ve already gone for the interconnect. I will admit I am wondering what further performance could be unlocked by the DIN-XLR.

Thanks Richard. It’s a long story how I came to this system, but part of it had to do with comments from you and other guys on the old forum about the mystique of the 32.5/hc/250 and how it put Naim on the map. I was always more of an olive guy but something inside me had to know what the fuss was all about.

Immense credit to Naim for making something that stands the test of time 30 years later, and to AV Options for running the system through their restoration time machine.

Ah, lucky buy. Being from Canada I too was very tempted to purchase that set as the price was too good to pass up, the only reason I didn’t go for it is because they were straight phono & I wanted RCA to DIN. I currently have a phono to DIN Hiline & was actually thinking about posting on here, phono to DIN HiLine vs phono to phono SL (as phono is generally regarded around here as inferior to din, if you have the option). In the long run decided to hold out for the phono DIN (likely at ~60% more, even used), though sounds like maybe I should have gave it a shot, ha.

I can say my SL speaker cables are outstanding & don’t miss NACA5 one bit.

Lucky indeed.

I used to be 100% committed to DIN interconnects. Before I ordered the Shawline RCA/RCA cables I was talking with AV Options about whether any of Chord’s interconnects had locking DINs. I hated how the non-locking DINs would pull on the DIN sockets on the back of the preamp because of the stiffness of the cable. They told me that DINs were actually not of much benefit unless both ends were DIN (I hope I don’t start a riot for repeating that here). Coincidentally, they had replaced the BNC phono input jacks with WBT RCA jacks when the 32.5 rebuild was done, and I had a set of line level boards so I thought why not go with Shawline RCA/RCA.

Of course, a week later I saw the Super Lumina RCA/RCA listing and had to try it.

Can’t win them all though. A few nights ago I noticed somebody listed a chrome bumper NAXO 2-4 for C$220. I blinked and by morning it was gone! Would have been perfect for going active with black SL2s and another CB 250 at some point. Oh well.

I’m glad you are enjoying the SL speaker cable. I would love to try it but the wall mount ATCs can’t fit the SL terminations!

Now that really would be something! Mind you 32.5/HC/250 is so elegant I think. I loved mine with Linn Kans then later with Isobariks.

Absolutely beautiful looking system. I have a pair of 135s which I love how they look and how they sound. Glad the SL cable sounds good with your system.

Thanks Dan,

Your 135s are a sight to behold. Great examples.

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