Super Lumina

For the SL speaker cable how does it work on pricing ? Some retailers offer pre-made lengths for significantly less than the £ 699 / metre on the Naim price list

Its pre made at the factory… I guess they are discounting?

Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuush Sir! Good for us, no?

SL is £699 per metre?!

I’m so glad I bought my 2x5m SL secondh…er…gently used.

Bought our interconnect and speaker cables from trusted dealers. Both were nearly new and in excellent condition but at significant discount to new retail price.

Not sure we could have justified buying new!

Currently looking for a lightly used Din/Din but they are hard to come by.

Per stereo metre reading the small print

Ah… if that means per 1 metre pair that makes sense. I saved a fair bit but not over 4k!

Folks another question on SL, what are the consequences if any of having different lengths for L / R channels ? My gear does not sit in between the speakers, thanks

SL speaker cables should be of equal length L and R. Most of us do not have speakers equidistant from the power amp.

With such expensive cables no point in adding an unnecessary compromise. Unequal lengths of SL will have little value if you come to sell.

As SL speaker cables are supplied in standard equal lengths and are terminated in the factory, I doubt you would be able to source unequal lengths anyway.

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By law a dealer can sell at the price they want, no matter the recommended retail suggestion.
Maybe they face a slow sale, due to competition such as WH Phantom and Kudos KS amo at a lower price ?
I never heard anyone paying full price for Lumina.

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My left speaker needs quite a few meters more cable than the right. I just had to “suck it up” and buy more SL cable than I needed, and have to somewhat thoughtfully fold the excess so that it’s not coiled up on itself (which is to be avoided).


Cripes, I’d better sort mine out then.
I’ve gone for long loops back and forth, but the space available is just murder for proper arranging.

Still sounds good though, phew!

Hi Bart… Gold…

Just curious what you meant by folding that access neatly without coiling up on itself… You meant in long number “8” loops? Cheers

Yes this is what I meant!

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