Super Supernait

Do we think we will see a new classic range Supernait?

I would be first in the que for a listen :sunglasses:

I hope not. I purchased mine in September 2023.


Good point!


Bound to happen you would think. Supplement the new 300 series? Feels like a gap.

I wouldn’t be interested I’d rather keep my real Naim Classic amp. :wink:


2007, 2014, 2021, …


SN3 - 2019… :crazy_face:

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Maybe later this year - 5 year life for SN3 which is pretty short life span for a quality Naim product which it is

Life moves on - hopefully it comes along might be a game changer for many Naimees


Don’t worry, your amp is still your amp. No new supernait has made the previous generation sound broken. Some prefer the 2 over the 3 for example.


It’s a weird proposition, honestly. The original Nova is still available. Now we have the addition of the Nova PE which is an all in one at $10k USD. The next step up is the 222/250 at $18k. Where does the new Supernait fit in? If they don’t raise the price on the SN4 at all then an SN4/333 would be in the price range of a 222/250 and most would rather have the 222/250. Even if we don’t consider the source, isn’t the Nova and Nova PE already filling the gap this price range? You’d think that an SN4 might fit better in the $3-4K range where adding a quality source wouldn’t put it in the 222/250 price range. Are the Nait 5si and XS3 selling these days? It seems like a lot of product overlap in a world where most people who aren’t willing to go full all out separates are leaning towards a streaming preamp or an all in one.

Who knows? Maybe an ND5XS2 replacement will come at the same time and make more sense partnered with the SN4.

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How do you know that most would rather have a 222/250 in preference to something which doesn’t exist?

Common sense, past behavior, and future upgradability. Would most rather have an SN3/NDX2 or a 222/250?

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Always source for me first

Stand alone streamer


No doubt about it! I had an ND555 on my supernait 3 and it was sublime. I just borrowed it from my main system to see how it was.


Quick update.

Firstly, thanks for all the replies and advice. Much appreciated.

Over the past few days I have been demoing the 222/250 v SN3/HICAP and NDX2.

First thing to say is that I have no desire to move through the old classic range. Ive been there before and find the whole external PSU and massive connecting cables a real drag. Also no longer suits my vision of owning a simpler set up, to live in harmony with our lounge.

My thoughts;

SN3 is a superb amp. The hicap def opens things up and the NDX 2 never has disappointed but I always feel my Dynaudio contour 30is need additional current to really shine.

The new classics, different sonic signature as everyone has previously stated.

Looks - I like it and it matches seamlessly with my living area.

Sound wise, very good with taut and punchy bass. I feel the new 250 gives my speakers more of what they need. Open and airy (more so than the SN3/HICAP).

In the round, I don’t feel like I am missing anything from a source perceptive but am gaining in rhythmic drive and punch.

Good deals to be had on the new classic 200 range due to early adopters moving quickly to 300 series.

What will I do? Highly likely move to the new classics.

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As an SN3/HCDR (and Dynaudio Contour 20) owner, I do not think my upgrade path will be a used 282/250DR. It will either be a New Classic Supernait aka Supernait 4 but I would also entertain the New Classic NAP 250 IF - and this is a big IF - NAIM introduces a standalone 200-series pre, which would be the spiritual successor to the 282. Call it the NAC 232. I don’t want the NSC 222 and would never buy a pre+streamer combo from NAIM or anyone else. Never ever. The NAC 332 is a bridge too far for my wallet.

So if I stick with NAIM:

  1. NAC 232 + NAP 250
  2. New Classic Supernait
  3. Maybe a lightly used/amazing deal on a pristine 282/250DR but not my preference.
  4. Jump off the NAIM ship.

I’ve been offered good deals on 252/SC and 250DR. It’s just not something I want although I know there is an element of compromise in terms of audio quality.

Just want a simpler set up. Nice balance of sound v living space aesthetics. Naim I think understand this hence the onboard PSU in the new pre. In my opinion this is a welcome step forward.