Super tweeter with focal sopra 2

Hi, my current system is naim dac, 282/250dr and sopra 2. Anybody can advise or share the experience of having tannoy super tweeter st300mg with the sopra 2?


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You might get a couple of issues using the Tannoy supertweeter with the Sopra 2s, firstly the tweeter has been aesthetically styled to match the Tannoy Prestige series. Could look out of place perched on top of the sloping cabinet of the Sopra.
Also the supertweeter has most probably been voiced to match the tweeters used in Tannoy speakers, and could sound odd against the Beryllium in the Sopra.
For more or less the same price you can buy the Sopra active subwoofer, which if correctly set up will bring out more treble energy and space in recordings - believe it or not.


The beryllium tweeter goes up to 40kHz which is pretty much super-tweeter territory which begs the question why would you and what do you hope to gain?

I am asking around as i seems to hear good about the super tweeter, so wonder what can it bring to my sopra.

However, i did saw also that super tweeter is useful only for hi res audio, not so much if u playing CD.

I’ve never really wanted more than my Sopra 2 tweeters deliver…and think of that sloping glass top panel. I can see those super tweeters sliding off - unless you have bog blobs of blutac!

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