Supercap 2 vs DR

I currently have 2 DR Supercaps and 1 serviced SC 2. I can swap them around between 252/Snaxo/Superline but can’t really isolate the difference between the 2 and the DR versions that way. It’s an itch looking to be scratched and probably wouldn’t cost a huge amount.

Does anyone have any experience of the difference between the two versions and would you, in my shoes, consider making the change?

Maybe I misunderstand the question. Only the SC 2 can be DRed. It sounds like you have two DRed SC 2s and one non-DRed SC 2. You are in the best position possible to make this comparison.

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As it’s obviously causing you disquiet you should just do it. Then you won’t be thinking about it and your enjoyment of music will increase. Life’s too short to be moving power supplies between boxes.


Succinctly to the point as always. On the other hand as the system doesn’t sound exactly broken maybe the difference would be better spent on Nuits St George.


Not really, as they all need to be in operation at the same time, so all I can tell is the difference between swapping them between the three units at the same time. I can’t isolate the difference between non dr and dr in absolute terms that way. As HH points out, life’s too short to be doing that. Not to mention my arms.

You need the passive crossovers for the speakers so you can try the system all DR against having a pre DR supercap in it, or probably better, borrow another supercap DR and compare the non DR in each setting.

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