Hello to all

I currently have a 282 powered by a HC DR.

I was considering buying a Supercap. Unfortunately I can’t afford the DR version right now … although I know it would be the best thing to do.

In the meantime, would it make sense to take a Supercap of the CB series and use the HC DR to power the Stageline N (which is now powered directly by 282)?

Is the supercap (not DR) of the Classic series better than the old series? or are they comparable in performance?

With a supercap from the old series would I improve my 282’s performance or not?

thx in advance for any advice…

Yes, any Supercap would change the 282 (let’s say improve). I found it to be a meaningful upgrade from a single Hi-Cap and NAPSC.

As you have a 282 (modern casework), I see no attraction in a Chrome Bumper SC or an Olive version - I would try and match to the 282 casework. As far as I know, bar the DR aspect, the Olive range and the new range (non-DR) only differ materially as to casework.

The key issue for me is the 10Y servicing interval of the SC - that is so that when a service is due, you can DR at the same time(?) should funds allow. Best check on this aspect as I understand Naim will only DR some kit concurrent with servicing now.

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There’s no “chrome bumper” Supercap - it arrived in 1995, well into the olive era - so one less thing to worry about.


I doubt a minimum 16 yrs old Olive SC would be a worthwhile improvement over a newish HC DR unless recently serviced - and if in need of a service could conceivably be worse. I found a second HC DR a worthwhile improvement on just one with my 282 - although I’m sure I will get a SC DR once I’ve done planned source upgrades.

It’s hard to advise without knowing what the rest of your system is…

My system:

Rega P6 (Exact) > Stageline N > 282 (HC DR) > 200 > Nac A5 > SBL Mk2

I apologize for the error and the inaccuracy … So is the Olive series the one that preceded the classic series? If so, the comparison I’d like to understand is between the Olive Supercap and the Classic Supercap … Inside are the same technologically and only the external case changes?

Ps: I know that the Olive version cannot be upgraded to DR while the Classic series is …

Given your system I’d suggest a 250DR would be the amp upgrade I’d be looking at unless you wish to change source?

Do you have Powerlines?

Unfortunately I don’t have the PowerLines yet … the power is managed with a Grahams Hidra.

In the future maybe I can think of an upgrade of the source, but I bought the P6 rega only a few months ago …

The Streaming part is currently managed with Audirvana (on MAcMini) via USb to the Dac V1. Maybe in the future I will evaluate an NDX, but the moment I use little the digital part … I prefer vinyl …

I ran with a hydra as my main power lead for years and found it a definite improvement on the standard Naim leads. More recently I have used a PL on my XPS which was a step up, and now have one on the 250 DR which was a surprisingly noticeable upgrade.

Yes - the Olive series was replaced by the Classic series. Others will correct may me but I’m fairly sure the only major change was in the case work from Olive to Classic (obviously Classic models pre-DR). In terms of servicing and potential pre-amp upgrades (in time), I see no benefit in looking for an Olive range SC which, as you identify, cannot be DR’ed.

I found the SuperCap did NOT improve the 282 performance… I found it tipped the performance to being too forward. It was a shame as I bought a SC blind used based on comments on the forum. I found the HiCapDR was by the far the best with my 282.
My SC came into its own when I later upgraded to a 252 so it was wasn’t wasted :slight_smile:

However if you do buy an Olive series SC it will need servicing now as they are so old… so factor that in to the price. Also they can’t be later upgraded to DR.
The Classic series SC May also need servicing depending on age, but can be upgraded to DR spec when ready.

For a real upgrade sell the 282 and get an Olive 82/SC/250 a very, very special and in Naim terms a quite affordable amp.


It has to be said that this is a minority view Bob…

well for VFM it can’t be beat… for sure.

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Indeed Simon, I am holding back on Supercap for my 282 based on your experience.

I think many of the comments on Supercap vs Hicap for 282 were based on the older non DR ones.

The DR for Hicap was a game changer on my 202 and 282.

The 282 is a fine preamp for sure I had one myself for over two years but it’s description as a night and day difference over the 202 for me is exaggerated. I just didn’t get the mouth open, slack jawed, wide eyed experience that many on this forum experienced when making the same upgrade and in fact it always left me expecting more.
The upgrade from 102 to 82 however was quite a leap and for me the 82 is just so Naim, adding a Supercap was a mixed experience the first one I bought just didn’t gel it seemed to just make the instruments that where already quite forward in the mix louder but then I added another and for some reason this one worked beautifully.

@angelodipa, I recently added a classic SC (non DR) to my 282, I found the uplift on music detail and focus a real wow, from my point of view the 282/SC was a real gem of a combo

I had 282/HCDR with my 300DR and really liked the sound and focus, but I have to say adding in a SC in place of the HCDR was a reall WOW! - my sources are Lp12 and NDX

I still have the SC (non DR) but moved onto 252

enjoy the journey

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