Supercap Connections

Hi all,

I’ve just added a second REL No.25 to my system and I’m looking at ways to connect it.

My first REL has been connected via an interconnect from my supercap that feeds the Snaxo. There are another couple of ports available so I assume the second REL could be connected through one of these.

Does anyone know how many feeds you can take from the supercap and whether the SQ suffers with more connections you make?

Thanks Pete

It’s perfectly fine to connect to all three of sockets 3, 4 and 5, so that’s enough sockets for Snaxo and two subs. Just ensure that the sub leads are slugged with the appropriate resistance, which given your system is something I’m sure you are aware of. The sub leads will need to be wired for mono L or R, unless you want both to play both channels.

Hi HH,

Great to hear from you and thank you for the advice.


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