Supercap DR to SN3 (252 for future)

Managed to bag a well-priced Supercap DR for use with my SN3 / NAP250 DR.

I know the SCDR isn’t particularly suited to the SN3 but I’m looking to get a 252 later in the year and am picking black boxes up as they come along for sale.

I’ve just realised that I don’t get any connection cables with the SCDR and my question is what should do I need please to connect SCDR > SN3 > 250 DR ?

Note: I already have a Morgana XLR Stereo between SN3 > 250 DR

Can the same SNAIC cable be used on the SN3 as well as the 252 please or will it be a case of “buy two SNAIC cables for the SN3 and then another SNAIC + Burndy when the 252 comes along” ?


You need a Snaic 5 and a Snaic 4. The 252 comes with a Burndy and a Snaic 5.


Thanks for the quick response HH.

Think I’ll get a decent SNAIC5 and an el-cheapo SNAIC4 for the time being.

In this system, you would not need to purchase a SNAIC 4 whatsoever, cheap or otherwise. The Supercap requires one 5 PIN SNAIC from the Supernait’s pre-amp output. In this use, the Supercap is basically a high end Hi-Cap and the other potential uses are not available to the OP. The Naim interconnect which should have come supplied with your NAP 250 would then connect the Supercap’s output to the amp’s input. 4 PIN DIN > XLR stereo cable. The 4 PIN SNAIC would only be needed if you wanted to use the amp stage in the Supernait integrated.

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In addition to Bruce’s post above, connect SC Socket 1 to the SN3 preamp out socket via the SNAIC5. Connect SC Socket 3 to the 250 using your Morgana DIN>XLR cable.


Thanks @BDNYC and @james_n that’s saved me forking out on a cable I didn’t actually need.

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Sorry about that, I was forgetting the 250 in the mix.

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