SuperCap dr

I have just purchased a SCDR to replace my HCDR to pair with my NAC 282 and NAP 250DR.
I have a single Super lumina SNAIC
I have the original SNAIC.
Can I use them on the SCDR-
One for power and the other signal?
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There is no such thing as a SuperLumina Snaic. You need two Snaic 5s to connect the Supercap to the 282.

Diagram is here for 282 plus supercap and napsc.
An interconnect like the superlumina is a 5 pin 180 degree plug.
A 5 pin snaic is 270 degrees.


You want two identical SNAICs for the full monty connection of a Supercap to a 282. You only have one. I once had this combo and had to buy a second matching SNAIC.

As mentioned above there is no such thing as a Super Lumina SNAIC. That’s an IC and won’t work for this application.

Instead of buying a 2nd SNAIC you should just pass Go and get a 252. That includes the Burndy and SNAIC you need. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should use near identical Naim SNAIC’s.

Do Not Use Anything Else. Please…?

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I wouldn’t be that concerned about identical SNAIC5s since only one of them carries an audio signal.

Are you sure about that? I was told each one carries audio for each channel. Same as if putting two HiCaps on a 282.

@llatpoh76 is right. Only one of the SNAIC5 cables between SC and 282 carries both audio and power. The SNAIC5 connected to upgrade 2 on the 282 is power only. Same as with two Hicaps powering a 282.

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OK. I see. Thanks for the explanation.


You can see on the back panel what does what; top one “power”, bottom one “power + audio” and the pin diagram includes ch1 and ch2.

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I probably could have looked at that myself. I have two. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that the Snaic you have ‘belongs’ to the Hicap and would need to be sold on with the Hicap if/when you sell it…

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Apologies for getting my question wrong.
I have had a stroke.
It’s a standard snaic and a non-Naim “snaic”. Would there be an imbalance and disaster if used?

I strongly suggest you replace it with the genuine article. Note that use of non-Naim SNAICs is considered an unauthorised modification to Naim equipment, hence discussion of them here is not permitted.