Supercap Lights

I recently reorganized my rack, and now my supercap light in invisible from chair. 3 feet high, dead center. Bugging a bit. A foot laterally or up/down and all is well. I am not redoing my Burndys. Open and move led? Get used to it?


Jeff, I’m not sure what you mean here. Are you saying that since you moved things around the logo on your Supercap no longer works in its current position?

Maybe an olive supercap? If so, that’s just how it is with olive Naim Audio logos.

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Yep. Look at them straight on and it can be hard to see the logo illumination on the Olive kit.

Yes, if it’s an Olive Supercap then that’s how the logo is when viewed dead straight from afar.

The OP has a 52, and in the profile picture an Olive Supercap. The black logo is directly in front of the transparent part of the front panel.

From directly in front:

And from an angle:

It’s a great part of the design, very simple yet very clever.

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Downright sexy… enjoy with pride!

Thanks everyone. I’ll need to get used to it.

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