Supercap to 140 connection

A conundrum…. I recently disconnected my 250 from the Supercap and replacing it with a 140 whilst it goes off for servicing.
However I didn’t check what socket was used on Supercap as I had to use a different cable. So checking the connection guide I duly used socket #3… only to find it producing some weird noises. I then switched it to socket #4 and lo and behold normal service resumes.
Am I going mad in that the connection guide is wrong ?
Or is it a case that the 250 uses socket #3 but the 140 is #4?

Help/thoughts appreciated

Sockets 3/4/5 on a supercap should be identical. Maybe you just had a bad connection into 3 the first time?


Agreed. Should be The Same…

Also on a HiCap. All Din4 outputs are equal… :neutral_face:

I did swap the 4 pin cables black/grey and had the same results … wierd indeed.

Maybe the DIN socket on 3 is worn or dirty and making a poor contact on one or more pins. The pins and sockets are self-cleaning so have you tried plugging and unplugging with a DIN plug on that socket just in case it’s dirt/tarnish? (obviously only do this when all is switched off).

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I noticed a while back that the manual shows different Supercap outputs used for the power amp depending on whether you had a 52 or an 82. I presume the reason for this is to use the shortest possible signal path, and it’s just coincidence that @beermonster is using the socket recommended for 52 users with his 82!*

*edit - actually he’s not! He’s using socket 4, not 5.

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Exactly that.

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Was your 250 making funny noises when connected to socket 3 ? It could be a fault in the supercap

No, everything was working fine before I disconnected it.

I’ll try using socket #3 again to see if anything changes ….

But I do find it strange that manual doesn’t say you can use socket #4 to 140 !