SuperCcap DR with 282 vs 252


Got a NDX2, Supercap DR, 282, 250DR with Sonus Faber Cremona M and Chord Sarum T speaker cable. I just did the upgrade from Highcap DR to Supercap DR and have seen some improvements but not night and day.

Now I have the opportunity to buy a used 252 at a sensible price. Before I travel to listen (it’s quite a journey) how would people describe the upgrade from 282 to 252? Totally transformative or smaller improvements? Have I hit the wall of diminishing returns!

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I think you are well past the point where the law of diminishing returns kicks in!
All I would say is that there is no substitute for listening for yourself, and nowhere is this more true than with the components you are looking at. Specifically, 282/Hicap vs. 282/Supercap, and 282 vs. 252 are upgrades that divide opinion on this forum. The only real way to tell is to set them up carefully in your own system, and take your time judging with your own ears.
Realistically, that probably means you have to buy the 252, live with it for a while, then sell it if you decide it’s not worth it. If the price is right, this may not cost you anything.
If the 252, and possibly also the Supercap on the 282, don’t do it for you, it may be that you would prefer a PSU upgrade on the NDX2.


Let the SCdr bed down, and after 2 weeks, put the HC back in and see if you feel like you lost something.

A lot of these upgrades take a while to sink in mentally. If going back to the HC still sounds great, shift the SC on.

Definately try a 252 but be careful that the character is a bit different. While I prefer one, I’m under no illusion that it would replace my 282 and not throw the rest if the system out of balance leading to further changes. I made that foolish assumption once when I went from a 250.2 to a 250dr and the latter didn’t make friends with the speakers I had at the time.

@GT83 I would try and arrange a home demo with the 252 from your dealer if you can. I recently swapped my 282 with a 252. My dealer kindly arranged a home demo first and for me it was a no brainer. As previously mentioned, 282 vs. 252 does divide opinion. Only you can tell with the 252 on your system if it’s worth it.

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Very good advice given you must listen to a 252 verses a 282 in your own system/room.

When I did the demo I much preferred the refinement and control of the 252 over the 282 but it is down to personal choice.

I’d try an XPS or 555 for the NDX2 first.


Highly interesting discussion @GT83 … I am going through similar.
I recently changed my HiCapDr by a SuperCapDr connected to the 282. Though not night and day, I can clearly notice the SC is “stronger” on the 282. I don’t experience tonal changes, but there is just more authority and detail I believe. It indeed takes some days before one really realizes the value add: it is the experience of not wanting without it anymore.

I have seen others here warning that an SC can be too much on a 282, but I don’t have that experience.

In the meantime I swapped my 250Dr with a 300Dr and that is a bigger upgrade compared to replaceing a HicCapDr by an SC on a 282.

I have been searching for a 252 to replace the 282 for a while but couldn’t find a young 252. So in the end I ordered a new 252 last week and expect it to be with me in a few weeks. I will let you know my findings once it’s there.

Regarding the advice of an XPSDr on the NDX-2: I have done so too. For me a highly valuable upgrade. I wouldn’t let my XPSdr go anymore (unless maybe a 555 in the future)



Thanks for your comments. Would you say the XPS DR on the source is a bigger upgrade than going from Highcap DR to SuperCap DR?

@GT83: in my case it was, yes. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the SC isca good step,up,over the HiCapDr, but the change is just less than the PSU on the NDX-2

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The whole Naim portfolio is a case of diminishing returns… but that’s how it works.
The 252 is significantly more nuanced and detailed than the 282, in the right system the 252 flourishes. However the 282 works well with speakers and amps that need a little kick to sound their best… the 282 subtly spices up the sound. The 252 absolutely doesnt, it is impressively neutral… which means with quality speakers and amps it can sound divine and insightful, but it can sound dull and flat on an unsuitable system,. The 252 tends to work well with most qualities of master, and will thrive on sources of varying qualities. The 282 on the other hand can expose lesser sources quite negatively, and some processed and forward masters can sound a little unpleasant on the 282.
In my opinion, the 252 is closer to the 552, than the 282 is to the 252… but it doesn’t mean it will sound good in all systems as I said above…whereas the 552 usually will.
So there is no substitute to listening in your system to be sure…

Regarding SuperCapDR, I did not like mine on my 282, it felt over egged in my system and after a while became a little tiresome, so I used my HiCapDR instead until I later got a 252


Very informative @Simon-in-Suffolk !!! If you talk about a “right system”, would you consider 252-SCdr-300dr-NDX2-XPSdr to be one?


I ran the same system but with a NDX 1 for three years and it was an absolutely cracking system obviously a NDX 2 would be much better.

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Why don’t you just listen for your self rather than relying on other peoples’ opinions?
As you can see there are divided views on the relative merits of a 282 compared with 252 so the only way to be sure is to listen, preferably a home dem.

Hi @anon37289833, of course! I will always starts with my own personal judgement. Nevertheless opinions of others interest me since they help me in some sort of pre-qualifying.

The electronics certainly are… what about speakers?

@Simon-in-Suffolk: I use Focal Kanta 2. I am very pleased with them. They completely disappear when playing music, are very detailed and quite neutral.

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Ok, not familiar with those speakers, but reviews suggest they can positively excite the sound… so that suggests to me the chances are the 252 is going to likely be a great NAC in your system…
Obviously you must listen and decide, but it sounds encouraging… do let us know.
BTW I found the 252 fussy on support and cable dressing. Perhaps hardly surprisingly it sounded best in my system on Fraim.


I echo @Simon-in-Suffolk words.
I also found 282 with a SuperCapDR too much for my 282 - took it to a place where neither of us were comfortable.

As to 252 vs 282. I’d almost say - don’t change - you have a well balanced system now. If you like how it sounds - great.
If you don’t - well… that would beg a question - why did you arrive at it :slight_smile:
But on a serious note - with 252 I think you’d be itching for a next upgrade - most likely a source or a PSU.


Thank @Adam.Zielinski … on the longer term I’d consider a 555 to replace the XPSdr. First I’ll wait for the new 252 to arrive. Excited !


Back to the OP. I went to SC from HCDR on the 282 and was very pleased in the step up in clarity and dynamics, with no discernible loss in musicality. But that was SC and not SCDR. I never tried SCDR on the 282. However, I’m now a few weeks into 252 ownership, and the 282 has been sold with no regrets. The 252 is using a SCDR though, but as this is what you have, my personal experience leads me to believe you would be very happy with the 252 over the 282.