Superline and Lyra Cartridges

I have a Superline/Supercap on a 500 system and my turntable is a Michell Gyrodec with Orbe modifications.
My cuurent cartridge is a Lyra Delos but it is time to replace that . Given trade in options and the fact I have always enjoyed that cartridge my inclination is to stay with Lyra if I can.
However , I came across a post (now closed) suggesting that Lyra cartridges were better suited to a Superline E but I really don’t want to get into changing my Superline.
The standard Lyra Kleos (as an example) has an output voltage of 0.5mV but there is an SL version whose output voltage is half of that - id appreciate any feedback people may have on which would pair better with my Superline.
Also happy for any feedback on non Lyra alternatives , thanks in advance

For non SL Kleos, the lower gain of Superline E should be fine.
For SL version, the standard Superline is recommended.
@Pylod has the non SL with Superline. He could say.

There is a recent discussion of 0.5 mV output cartridges and SL vs SL E in this thread:

I apologize since I might not be of great help.

I gave the Kleos back since it seemed to be damaged. Instead I use a DV Tekaitora now.

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Any SL Lyra cartridge is a good match with the Superline. I use a Kleos SL and preferred it greatly to the standard Kleos. Lyra low output carts sound wonderful. Highly recommended.

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