Next update … prefix to superline?

Hi guys,
Thanks again for your help in updating the prefix to be fed by a supercap. I enjoy it every day… there is really an improvement in the SQ.

My current system:
Phonosophie TT with Benz wood / P3PS / SC / 52 / SC / 135 / SBL (mk 1 :o))

As I already have a second SC (both olive) it’s a smaller step to the superline …
Need only the superline plus burndy … but also my TT must be modified again - removing prefix and re-cabling.
Before doing that with no easy turn back option …

What can I expect from the the update prefix/SC to superline/SC?

Any ideas :o)
Thank you so much … best forum here !

Any thoughts from your side?
Does it improve a lot (as before in my Olive system) or change sound presentation in general?

I was using the standard internal Naim boards in my 52 but moving to a 552 forced me into (initially) getting a Prefix. I didn’t think this was better or worse than what I’d been hearing with my 52. However, some months later I managed to find a good secondhand Superline and even running off the 552 power supply it was a WOW moment. Loads more of everything. Like I’d just cleaned the lenses on my glasses. Adding one of Naim’s Z foils was simply icing on the cake. One of the single biggest upgrades I’ve made for a while.

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I went from Prefix to Superline, albeit powered from a 552. I loved the Prefix but the Superline is just so much more resolving and without losing any of what i loved about the Prefix.


Thanks a lot.
I am struggling as there is no real roll back option. I have to remove (or let do so) the prefix from the TT insides.
Rough decision. First time with no A/B option…

What do you think a used superline should cost?
There are some options these days. A nearly new one (less than a year) for 2k € or 1,5k € for an older one.
Has there been any updates or is an older one as good as the newer?
As there is less difference I tend to the new one…
But still missing the Burndy …

If it helps, many years ago I moved from a Prefix/Hicap to a Superline/Hicap and was delighted. So much so that, at the time, I thought it was one of the most significant upgrades that I had ever made. But, be aware as replacing the Hicap with a Supercap and then a SupercapDR was even more so!



Damn… this will be no easy decision, but SL is getting nearer. Already have an olive SC at prefix.
So there will be SL plus SC to be used.

Another question.
Are there different types of SL available? Read something about an „E“ option for loud MC. How can I detect which option the SL is?

AFAIK, the Superline has remained unchanged.

There’s an “E” version with a tiny bit less gain. I use an “E”, which I find to be a little more flexible for a wider range of LO MCs and gives a bit more headroom for Low output MCs of around 0.5-0.65mV output.

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Thanks s lot Richard.
Is there a sticker on the SL where I can see which version it is.
I have got a Benz wood with 0,4 mv output.
Don’t know if this is suitable for E or not.

Is the problem with „radio Moscow“ with the superline still prominent, or is this more a component or house problem (assume so). Read about it in a German forum

Yes, I believe there’s a sticker, as shown here by jodl on a recent thread;

As for interference I honestly couldn’t say as I’ve never suffered from it. In fact I have found that provided it’s sited properly, away from PSUs, then the Superline is eerily quiet. I can turn up the volume on my 552 well past 4 o’clock on the dial before the hiss level appreciably increases, and there’s absolutely no low level hum whatever the volume level.


Thanks a lot, that helps. Do I have to look for an E version with my Benz with 0,4 my output?

Read on the Naim page, that the E version is for high output Mc cartridge. Rookie question? Is above 0,5 my high output?

Sounds about right and could be quite good, depending

No, the E Superline is only very slightly lower in gain to the standard unit (Don’t confuse with the E MC boards or E Stageline). Your Benz could be used with either.

I have had the Superline for about a year now. Never had a problem with interference or “radio Moscow”.


Never ever had a problem with the so called “Radio Moscow” effect with my Superline.


I am in Germany and never had it (though of course the country will not matter much, more the local conditions, like if you happen to live next to an AM radio station tower :wink: )

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Ok, Fine…
So the standard version is Fine. If there will be a future cartridge with more „power“ , can it be easily changed as with prefix or boards?

Sorry, read about headroom… what us meant with headroom in this matter. Enough space for adjustment with the plugs?