Superline loading for Transfiguration Phoenix


Just treated myself to a Superline and Supercap DR.

Just hooked up and playing nicely without any loading plugs

Not sure what loading plugs to use as per specifications of the cart.

Instructions say >10 ohms

Any ideas which to use if any? Can get my head around the Naim instruction manual

Thanks !

You could start with the 100R plug, then try 500R, then 1000R. No load plug is 10K, IIRC. That should give you an idea, and go from there.

You can try the various resistance plugs provided with Superline starting from 100 Ohm and see what you think about the sound.
Less ohms plugs in my system means more low frequency presence

The Proteus wanted 100Ω and on an Aro no additional capacitance. When I changed to a Schröder it took 470pF to some small benefit.

My Temper V worked best loaded with the 500 Ohm and the smallest of the capacity plugs. The 100 Ohm and no capacitive loading was pretty good, but came with radio Moscow playing along with the LP.

I use a 100R loading for my Phoenix with 0.47nF capacitance to reduce RF pickup. Best all round loading for me using an SME V arm.

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