Superline plug setup for a Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue

i looked at the manual and i can’t be confident i really understand

0.4 mV Output

9g Net Weight

Recommended Tracking Force 1.8-2.0g

Recommended Load 80-1,000 ohms

You should be good trying the Superline plugs 100R, 500R and 1KR and deciding which works best from there.


There’s quite a nice overview of the Koetsus here.

Unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for using a Sky Blue in a Rega if he has the right of it, you might need a shim or two and a bit of extra weight on the head shell.
His post on SPUs played a large part in me buying a Royal N, and getting it to work well.

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i’m still wondering if the VTA is correct, it looks pretty straight but who knows

you think i’d need to add weight to the cart?
i’m able to get 2 grams just using the counterweight and tracking force,
is that not enough?

I had once a Koetsu black on a Rega P9. I needed a specific counterweight, the Koetsu is very heavy.
Not sure that Koetsu is the best match for a Rega arm.

Hows it sounding? It only has to satisfy you after all.

Herr Strauss seems to think an 18g arm is about right but the tracking force around 1.9g.

If you do want to try a bit more mass at the sharp end something like the brass screws from Soundsmith might be the easiest way.

you’ll probably need a heavy counterweight too.

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i don’t seem to have any issues getting the cart to weigh in at 2g on the scale
if that’s what i’m supposed to do

it sounds fine but for the money i was hoping for better i guess but
i’m still using a supernait 1 so i’m probably not hearing everything
the koetsu can do

You’re trying to fit a square peg (the Koetsu) in a round hole (the rega arm) it would prefer something more massive with easier VTA adjustment.
It’s not a matter of achieving the required tracking force but rather the stiffness of the cantilever suspension reacting with the inertia of the tone arm. In this case the combination will be attenuating the bass frequencies. The same issue occurs when using an SPU N series in an Aro as a couple here have discovered.

Another commercial site so no link but paste

korfaudio com/calculator

into your browser.

Note the specified Koetsu compliance is quoted at 100Hz, multiply by 1.7 to approximate the compliance at 10Hz for the calculator.
There’s also a 4 part blog on cartridge matching and an article on azimuth.

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