Superline power from supercap or 552 Aux 2

How does that compare to the 252? I run my Superline from the 252 Aux2 and am happy with the performance. Is the 252 Aux2 feed similar to the 552?

I don’t want to spend what it takes to go to a SuperCap (e.g. SuperCap DR, Burndy and DIN 4-5 IC, plus additional Fraim level), and I don’t imagine a HCDR would add enough benefit to make it worthwhile over the 252 powered input.

JDP, it looks like you are already in the right place, the 252 is a super amp (especially with 300DR), you are happy with the overall performance, and it suits your space and cost situation, enjoy your great system !!

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I switched from SL from 252 Aux 2 to Supercap and it was a big improvement.

Yes, similar situation with the NAC252 - the AUX2 is fed from dedicated windings and regs on the Supercap.

Compared to a dedicated Hicap, it’s different, in some ways better, in some ways not as good, but very “together” and IIRC, Roy prefers the AUX2.

However, as ever, the Supercap is something else, and a definite step up in performance - as it should be of course!


Right, I am well-aware the SuperCap is a big upgrade, but I’m done upgrading so I can retire next year, and spend my money on more records. :slight_smile:

If I see a windfall I will reconsider, but it’s not on my radar otherwise.

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When I auditioned the SuperLine I had a 282 and it easily beat my Linn Linto, even when powered by the 282’s Aux input. I later powered it via a HiCap, and that brought some improvements - bass, dynamics, separation, etc. - but at the expense of integration and naturalness. I eventually upgraded to a SuperCap DR and that was (of course) best of all, and that’s how I run it with my 552.

If I was doing it again (whether with a 282 or a 552), I wouldn’t bother with the HiCap, as I feel that step sacrificed a certain magical quality in the SuperLine’s presentation. YMMV, of course.

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Mine didn’t, vary that is. When I bought a supercap the hicap went back in its box in preference to using it on the superline.
I didn’t get the SNAXO/superline Burndy until after the 552 but if I went back to that 282 system now I’d use the hicap on the pre and the supercap on the superline.

That’s what I ended up doing. I eventually got a second SuperCap, then a few years later knocked upgraditis on the head for good with a pre-loved 552.

Hi Cory

How do you find your NAC 552 with the NAP 250

Thus far I find them a good and well-balanced combination, with no obvious shortcomings. If there’s a part of my system I’m tempted to change, it’s the speakers. I still like my ATC SCM7s - they were my first choice among four or so alternatives I auditioned a few years ago - but with my source and pre maxed out, I suspect they might now be a bottleneck.

If I was to stick rigidly with my flat earth, source first philosophy - which has served me well so far - I’d look at upgrading the power amp, and my sense with the SCM7s is that they’d respond really well to that. They seem to have limitless power handling capacity – a few months ago I was listening to LZ II (the Ludwig “hot mix”) at what I thought was a reasonable volume when my 250 went “enough” and silently shut itself down for a few minutes. The first and only time that’s ever happened to me!

But I’m really reluctant to add more boxes, so I think a better path might be to change the speakers, and my interest has been well and truly piqued by the the ProAc Tablette Signatures. I’m waiting to hear back from my dealer about getting a pair of these. If I find them as much to my taste as many other forumites do, I might have my endgame speaker.

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Interesting. Not sure there is an end game

I’ve had a Superline on home demo now for a few weeks powered off the Aux2 from my 552. It has degraded the sound quality of my other input (NDX2/Matrix Audio DAC). I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of Supercap DR, Snaxo burndy, airplugs, Powerline, extra shelf…

The Superline is now disconnected and going back to my dealer. Looking forward to having another crack with the Rega Aura.

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I found the Superline to be remarkably more capable when run off a SupercapDR with its own multi-channel Burndy cable than when run off our 52’s Aux 2 snaic type lead. It wasn’t subtly better but ridiculously better. This with the rest of the system as per my profile.

The difference was at least the scale of difference that adding an XPS makes to a CDX2 or NDX2.

The SL/SCDR really is quite something. YMMV.

Best regards, BF


The Rega Aura is supposed to be superb though I have not heard one myself.
Much as I admire the Superline, we didn’t have the £7k needed at the time to buy a Superline + Supercap DR.

After trying a number of alternatives in the £2-4.5k range, a Sim Audio Moon 310LP/320S phono stage came out easily second only to the SL/SCDR for us. Depending on your cartridge, a Moon 610LP might be just the ticket as a one box answer for you. We currently have a Dynavector XX-2 but that’s going to change in 2 weeks’ time.

Best regards, BF

Thanks for the recommendation. The Moon 610LP gets great reviews and definitely worthy of a listen, albeit a little pricey at £6.5K.

I have an Rega RP10 with Apheta 2 and also a P10 on home demo. Apheta 3 will be arriving soon along with the Rega Aura so I’m looking forward to compare.

I’ve had a Rega Aura briefly on home demo and was impressed with it. However, the unit developed a fault with the gain switch so I returned it but I’m keen to give it another go.

I’m not totally sold on the Apheta 2. I find it a little clinical for my taste. I may explore other cartridge options depending on how the P10/Apheta 3/Aura combo works out.

With an all Rega vinyl source, I too would go with the Aura and be very happy indeed.

The Moon phono stages have gone up in price a fair bit recently. When we bought ours, it was £2.5k for the 310LP with external 320S dedicated power supply. Sim Audio then launched the current generation of 310LP but dropped the 320S. I doubt that the current 310LP could compare favourably on performance with an Aura in a Rega system.

As an alternative, you might consider an Aphelion cartridge on the P10 with the more affordable Aria phono stage. It might just hit the sweet spot for you, at least until the Aphelion wears out in a few years’ time (!)

We are also about to replace our cartridge, so share your financial pain.

Best regards, BF

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I can only say that I find the supercap DR with Superline and P10 with Aphelion sounds wonderful. After all the comments here I felt SCDR was the way ahead.
I great to hear about all the various products people are trying.

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Be that as it may, I am very happy with the Superline running on the AUX of my 252 and have no plans to add another SC (and Fraim level) into the mix. No doubt the SC is much better, but I’ll just go with ‘ignorance is bliss’ and leave it at that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The rega aura is a fantastic phono stage, I have one and had a superline, airplugs, supercap before it.
100% spot on for the rega range of cartridges and since moving onto a dynavector cartridge, i can still say, the aura is fantastic still

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Yes you already have the supercap, if a 552 comes along you’l have a new use for it, if not just avoid hearing one on a superline and you’ll not miss it.