Superline power from supercap or 552 Aux 2

Anyone any experience or views on which would be best power for a Superline phono stage. A supercap or power direct from 552.

No direct knowledge but seems to be generally established that the supercap would be overall better.

Supercap much better.


Supercap, from experience.

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I’m running mine from the 552’s Aux output. Sounds pretty darn good to me.

Powering the Superline with a Supercap DR is, in my opinion, superior to the 552 Aux2. I’ve not heard it with a Supercap non DR though.

And me too but a supercap is even better, I’ve only used a DR one.

There’s a suggestion that using AUX power degrades the 552 slightly, I never noticed but my digital source at the time was a CDX2/555. A CD555 owner of my acquaintance claimed he could hear one and kept an i-supply to keep the superline warm when he wasn’t using his LP12. This did mean he had to power down to connect the superline to AUX power. He didn’t have space for a supercap.

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The 552 AUX2 is very good indeed, and against a Hicap, I think I’d still go AUX2. However, a Supercap is something else, and if you have the space and the budget, that’s clearly best.

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Absolutely, the Supercap DR.

Seems to be a good consensus of opinion. Thankyou for your thoughts.

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Supercap is better, also Superline via Aux2 may possibly degrade other sources connected to 552… so I have my Superline connected with Supercap.


Excellent point! It will degrade the other sources.

Any possible degradation should be minimal as the 552 AUX2 feed is from dedicated windings and regs.


I had the same ‘debate’ a couple of years back… went for the 552aux2, sure the SCap may be even better.
If you have the space and some surplus dosh, and you use the TT lots, then maybe get one.
Didn’t notice any 552 degradation.

Have a good Sunday.

Supercap should be quite a bit better or whats the point in the superline having the option to run more separate power rails, than the 2 the aux can give.
Would make a bit of a mockery out the whole naim power supply upgrade options if it didnt

Sure it will sound better, a (personal) choice to be made on cost vs benefit…and what is deemed as good enuf.

Have a good Sunday

Out of interest which cartridge is on the Aro?
A 2 grand cartridge into a supercapped superline against a 6k cartridge into an AUXed one would be an interesting comparison in terms of cost benefit.

Cartridge is Lyra Skala …

yr proposed comparison would be interesting…

I used to have a Supercap, however most listening is now via streamer, so was kinda ‘dead-money’, and the 552 is not too shabby…

The set up is a Rega P10 with Aphelion 2 cartridge into Superline with HiCap

When I had Supercap on Superline I had 282 initially, then upgraded to 252…

When I got the 552, the Aux2 sound was well good enuf for the Superline and at same time I dropped 2/3 black boxes and a rack stack…and released a little dosh to partly recover from the 552 cost…