Superline problem - no sound


Hope to get some useful input on a SuperLine problem.

After beeing stored for about a year, I connected and powered-up my second turntable (Thorens TD124/Fidelity Research tonearm/Fr1 MC cartridge/SuperLine) into my 552.

I first connected it via a Hicap to input 6 on the 552 (its usual configuration). No sound. Dead slient. I turned the Hicap on/off a few times. Waited a couple of minutes. No change. Dead silent.

I then connected the SuperLine directly to input 7 on the 552 (where I usually connect my LP12/ARO/Prefix/Troika). No change. Dead silent.

I have had issues before with this SuperLine, like high susceptability to static electricty (high and frequent cracking noices) and loosing a channel (maybe triggered by the static electrcity?) This has usually been fixed by powering up/down the HiCap/SuperLine.

What could the problem be? A tripped relay? Any other thoughts? How do I fix it?

Any tips highly appreciated from this wise crowd!



Anders, bear in mind that the muting relay on the Superline takes a long time to lift - this is to allow the circuitry to fully stabilise. How many minutes did you wait?

Also be sure that the RCA phonos are making a good contact with the Next Gen sockets on the Superline. Some older RCA phonos plugs often don’t even make contact. If you aren’t using WBT plugs then next best would be plugs that can be tightened up (and make sure they are tight!) Otherwise use the BNCs, with adaptors temporarily if need be.

If all there is good, I would leave it all powered up, make a cup of tea, then see if the mute relay has lifted.

I would leave it powered up then

Hi Richard,

Thanks for responding! Have now powered down the whole system and powered it up again. I have waited 15 minutes now. RCA phonos tight and good. Run SuperlIne directly from socket 7 now (works with LP12/Prefix). Still not the slightest sound…

If the mute relay does not lift, is there an easy fix?

Does your Superline’s logo illuminate when the Superline is powered from input 7 on the NAC?

I take it the Burndy link plug is in place ?

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Is the 552 socket assigned to the corresponding playback button you select?

Christopher, yes the logo lights up both from input 6 and 7…

James, yes the Burndy link plug is in place…

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I have not reconfigured any of the sockets/playback buttons (factory setting). Use Aux 1/input 7 and Aux 2/input 6…

And by some strange reason the SuperLine finally kicked in operation after approx. 1 hour on socket 7… :innocent:

Anders, your problem sounds like the same issue I had with my Superline, except when it did agree to work, there was clearly a problem with SQ. It is now in the queue for a full service at Naim HQ, when they start work again.
So perhaps you need to think about a service also?

Seems like the issue is socket 6/Aux 1 (no sound at all)… socket 3/Tuner works fine with Superline/Hicap connected…

A socket/button mapping issue?

On another note - anyone used a humidifier to positive effect to reduce static electricity?

Sounds like it’s down to mapping.

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