Superline replacement immanent?

It’s still in the line up but apart from a couple of integrated amps there’s nothing left to power it with. The NVC TT doesn’t appear to better it by all accounts that I’ve read so there’s either a replacement on its way or Naim are in retreat, I hope it’s not the latter.

The NAC552 is the natural partner (they both use similar brass mass-loaded sprung boards), powering it via the AUX2, and that’s still very much alive.


And it sounds superb.

Mine is new and powered by a HiCap DR and sounds awesome. Although, I could just as easily have powered it from the Aux2 on my 282.
No shortage of Pre-Loved HiCap’s around these days🙂


Perhaps there might be a “new Superline”
on its way that can be powered by the NC NPX300 PS. I don’t know if that’s possible ?

The current Superline can’t be so one could say it’s currently in no mans land for the future

I run my Superline with the Supercap DR and it’s a magnificent combination



Yes I agree Yeti let’s hope Naim are not in retreat re the Superline

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I doubt it will happen before the 500 series is refreshed and when that will be is unknown to us.

Agree Paul - sometime off that’s for sure

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Sounds a good deal better with a supercap though and you’re going secondhand for that, or like me a leftover from a 282/252.

The finish on the superline does say 500 series, though it was never marketed as such, it’s not as rough textured as a classic box.

Actually not quite up to 500 standard on the finish but a good deal smoother than my supercap.

Unless your Supercap is an Olive one then it’s likely just down to the tolerance of the powder coat finish.

When I looked not long ago, there were, in the uk, at least two sealed SCDR boxes available from two different dealers, although it may require some digging, only one is I think on the auction house site.


I’ve never heard this new phono and PS Ian but from the horses mouth ( and I mean a big horse in this game) it’s not in the league of the Superline/SCDR combo !!

I have the NVC TT with the NPX TT and it sounds excellent with my 222/300/250, I don’t believe it is at Superline Level but I haven’t done a direct comparison.

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The Solstice thread relates a major improvement going from NVC TT with its ps to Superline/ Supercap dr. Maybe by 4 members.

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In my home @ChrisBell and I did the direct comparison – and the SuperLine/SuperCap won easily.

My wife did the listen “blinded” and also found the SL/SC quite superior.

Honestly I was amazed at the difference. It was NOT subtle.

And yes per @frenchrooster this was in the context of using them with the Solstice turntable and Eclipse cartridge.


IMHO, can confirm SuperLine sounds better than NVC -TT.

There’s still a lot to like about the NC phono stage

NVC-TT is a solid phono preamp, but the Superline/Supercap is where you hear the magic.

I hope Superline stays in the line up as it represents the best I’ve heard from vinyl.