Superline/Supercap and other preamps

Has any one got experience of using a Superline powered by a Supercap with a non Naim preamp ??

Most other brand preamps have RCA and/or XLR inputs. Is it just a matter of using the correct Supercap/Pre cable or are there likely to be problems eg earthing etc ?

Just exploring my options. Thanks

To be more specific I am thinking of using my Superline with an Accuphase integrated. Info on experience of this combination would be helpful. Thanks

Hi, I am not that lucky to have your same doubts, however I am currently using a Stageline powered by a Flatcap XS with a passive MFA Classic V2 preamp via a Din to Rca Chord Clearway.
There is no compatibility issue at all, each device does its job and the ensemble sounds very good Indeed.
Maybe my case Is slightly different cause the preamp Is passive, however I would not be afraid of using a Naim phono stage with other preamps… But I never tried with tubes… :wink:

Hi! I ran a SL powered by a HC dr for many years in a Linn system and it worked like a charm! I used a linn cable the dealer made.

I think a 4 DIN - RCA from the Supercap to the RCA inputs of the Accuphase would do the job. This keeps everything single ended so can’t use the XLR inputs of the Accuphase unless anyone knows different. The posts on balanced connections was helpful.

I can’t comment on how it might sound into an Accuphase product, but you should be able to get good results particularly if your amp accepts RCA inputs. As Naim products are all single ended designs, running the output of your Supercap via a good quality 4 PIN DIN > RCA cable is far more likely to work well than trying to use balanced inputs on your amp. As for ground noise, that is system to system, and you will have to try this in yours to see how it works out in your installation.

In NYC, we have used Superline’s into many systems, and they have always worked well. The placement of the Superline is important though, and you would always benefit from having the Supercap some distance away from the Superline. This means that your new cable needs to be both appropriate for the Supercap’s output, and long enough to reach your Accuphase pre-amp inputs.

Good luck,


Thanks Bruce, that is reassuring to know.

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