Superline with HiCap DR or Supercap

Hello all
I am currently powering my Superline with a HiCap DR but now a Supercap (non-Dr) from 2007 has come up at a reasonable price. Would it be a significant upgrade do you think? There is I suppose also always the option to send it back to Salisbury to give it the DR treatment at a later date.
Would appreciate your thoughts.

If the Supercap has been recently serviced then yes, I reckon it will be a worthwhile upgrade. Note though that you’ll need an SNAXO Burndy to connect the two together if you’re to take full advantage of the multiple supplies inside the Supercap.

I’ve tried powering my superline off my 252 supercap DR (which is effectively a hicap dr) and then off my non dr supercap, burndy and the difference is large. The supercap even non DR with the burndy connection has SO much more scale and power that it’s hard to go back once you’ve heard it.


Agree with that - I found a similar improvement with a non DR Supercap of that era. Hard to go back !

Huge difference. The Supercap is much much better in terms of soundstage, realness and refinement.


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Thanks so much for your replies - currently in negotiations but hopeful for a good outcome.
Thanks again

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I’ve always stayed with a HiCap DR and have chosen to upgrade the LP12. Perhaps one day for the better PS but I’ve always been more than happy with the HiCapDR.

When the numbers come up :pray:I’m going to skip the 252 and go straight to a 552 thus freeing up my SC for the Superline.

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My thoughts exactly but with a replacement for the NDS and new speakers about to arrive SWBO will not be in approval!

That’s just what I did. With a couple of weeks running it from the 552 whilst I awaited the Burndy. I tried the supercap DR via a Snaic but preferred the aux power to that.

It turns out there may be a recapped and DRed SuperCap available from the same source - it is obviously more money but still less than if I were to buy the original SC and recap and DR it at my expense - so long story short I am holding off until I know for sure and if the DR version is available I think I will go straight for that one…I already have the Burndy but @DaveEngland you are right I need to consider shelving…

There’s nothing wrong with that. Very sensible.

I ended up going for the Supercap 2 (non-DR) in the end and it has now replaced the HiCap DR.
I picked it up on Friday evening and incorporated it on Saturday morning and I am so happy with the change it has brought. Like many here on the forum I am not great at putting the detail of the difference into words but it simply seems to give more of everything - Great stuff. Some time in the future it’ll go back to Salisbury for the full DR treatment but for now I’m just enjoying the more of everything!!

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Am I understanding that you powered both 252 and SL off the SuperCap? I wasn’t aware that’s an option. I power my SL off my 252 directly.

Supercap and never look back.

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Hi sorry for being unclear but yes using the 252 dr powered output socket to power the superline and comparing this to a dedicated non dr supercap/burndy and hiline.

The dedicated non dr supercap was a clear winner, I can only assume a dedicated dr supercap to be better.


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