Should they be serviced?

How old is the unit?

Definitely. If it’s 10-15yrs old or more.

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I have one (with SCDR, Z-Plug, HiLine, Powerline). I’ll service it after 15 yrs, but now I’d be surprised if I still have it a year from now.

I actually bought 2nd hand so will need to check but yes I think over 10 years.

Thanks guys for the replies.

Low voltage units (stageline, superline, preamps, etc) don’t need servicing as frequently as higher voltage units (power amps, power supplies). I suspect your superline is fine for a while as-is.

Many Superline´s had a component problem,that made one channel go silent.

Mine was recapped at 12 year point. Not because it needed it but it developed some noise issues. I was originally told that recap will not fix it but by borrowing a friend’s freshly recapped unit the noise was significantly lower than mine.

So I decided to recap and guess what! The noise is gone and sounding great as ever!

The newer Superline has a zobel network to combat this pesky noise issues but it sounds much better without it.

. Did my 2 years back. I bought it in 2008. Needed a 2-3 month run in period, but sounded def more present and fresh after :slight_smile:

My first SuperLine (an early one, 2008) went bad on the right channel after a week and had to be replaced. The only defective Naim product I’ve had in 35 years.

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Thanks as ever guys, I must check the serial number, perhaps a trip to Salisbury for it.

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