Superlong repair times Supernait 2 in Germany?

Hello, I have been a superhappy Naim user in the past and I had to give my beloved Supernait 2 to Naim Service in September here in South West of Germany. The amp has had problems with its left channel that scratched and was extremely loud. So I took it to the dealer end of September (this year :slight_smile: )

However, my dealer tells me repair time goes on and on and they do not get any information how long it will still take. Now I am getting a bit nervous if I will get it back until Christmas. My dealer tells me that Focal Naim Germany has „changed its services processes“ whatever that means.

I wonder whether there are other Naim owners that face similar problems? I am really missing my amp and wonder why it takes so long and whether there is anything I could do about it? We are in week 10 now.

Cheers from the now covered in snow village nearby Heidelberg in Germany.


They’re probably awaiting parts.

Sorry to hear this Michael.

If your dealer is not getting any response, then have you tried contacting the distributor to ask them what’s happening with your amp, or how any service changes may be impacting on its turnaround? You may have more luck.

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Hi Richard, thank you for the very quick reply. No, I haven‘t contacted the distributor yet. So I guess that is Focal Naim Germany in Rosengarten, isn‘t it?

According to the Naim website it’s;
Focal Naim Deutschland GmbH
Hainbuchenweg 14-18
21224 Rosengarten
+49 4105 77050

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Hi Michael, a Naim dealer of a friend of mine told him that servicing and repairing is nowadays made by Naim Slovakia. In the past all that was done in Rosengarten. 2 to 4 months is unfortunately a usual waiting time. :roll_eyes:

Nice to see another of the few fellow Naimers from Germany here on this forum. Willkommen! Great to hear that you are also a SuperNait lover. :+1: I hope your SN2 will be back in best shape. Would be nice to see you soon. Let’s keep in touch

Cheers Michael :wink:


Thanks, Richard. Much appreciated.

Thanks Michael, good to hear from you.

2 to 4 months would be indeed a very long time. Are they walking to Slovakia? Just kidding…

I will give them a call this week. Let’s see what they say, I will keep you updated.

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As an alternative you could send the amp to LASA in Italy in the hopefully unlikely event that it happens again. Naim approved and much quicker.

Bad sign that this happens.

For comparison my nd555 took 6 weeks for repair of broken relay.
I’m in the US and the Naim Focal distributor is in Montreal Canada.
Even 6 weeks seemed like forever.
My streamer is my only source, however a friend lent me a NDS….which made it tolerable

Hi all, after I called Focal Naim Germany, situation turned out as follows. It if wouldn‘t be for my Supernait, story would be rather funny: I dropped the Supernait at my dealer in Karlsruhe, Germany, for repair. I mailed and called them on a regular basis when it would be finished and they said to me it is still with Naim. Now today, after calls with the distributor, it turned out my amp is still at the dealer‘s site and they found out today. Unbelievable! Now they promised me they wil send it in for repair soon. Apologies for blaming the Naim Distributor. And I need to monitor what my dealer ist doing very closely… Anyway, I am looking forward now, at least they found where my amp was :slight_smile:


Ouch, I would not want to be your dealer :slight_smile:

Is it possible for your dealer to do what UK dealers seem to be able to, obtain the RMA number and only send the item in for repair once they repair slot in the schedule becomes available?

e.g. as this post suggests

Glad you have made progress anyway, hope your SN2 is back operational soon


Hi, I‘m not sure. My SN2 is anyway now on its travel (hopefully). I will check with my dealer how they are living the process with the RMA. But it absolutely makes sense, so the items to repair are only on their way when repair slot is available.

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Dealers are often super incompetent in my experience. The last item I took to a dealer to go back to Naim for a service was away for a month or a bit more and then I heard it had been sent back to my dealer a week earlier.

So I rang my dealer and after an hour they rang back to say they had found in their goods in/out store with a post it note stuck on it, on which was written “Mr Hendon?”

But no one had done anything after that!

On another occasion and a different dealer, I was sent tracking information and excitedly followed my package as it came south and then watched it turn north again and ultimately back to the dealer. I rang them to ask what had happened and they admitted that my label had been stuck on the box but on the other side of the box was an old label addressed to them. The courier had been looking at the wrong label.


If your dealer has not offered you a loan amp already (& I would hope that they have), I would insist that they do as apology for their incompetence & to make certain that you have some music over the Christmas holidays.

I hope everything gets sorted for you as soon as possible.


Hi Michael - I’m another DE-based Naim owner (Dus)

Glad to hear you finally got to the source of the problem. I can confirm that some service is going to Slovakia (and Poland as well) but the service times were reasonable. My UQ1 went in for a screen replacement and service in early Aug and was back the beginning of Sept. Think the delay was the screen.

Hope you get a unit offered by the dealer so you have something to listen to over Christmas!


If it would be SG Akustik I wouldn’t be surprised :roll_eyes:

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I am not saying anything w/o my lawyer…

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Hi David, sounds like Murphy‘s law has hit you twice then. I hope you got your system components back in repaired state. For, me it is a lesson learned that you always need to call and track, otherwise the chaos will take over.

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Hi, that‘s a good point, I will ask them for a loan amp. Shouldn‘t be a problem since I guess they have probably lots of boxes with amps standing around…