Superlumina interconnect dressing

I am setting a two stack system and there is not enough height between 252 and ndx2 to properly leave the cable hanging free. Which is better option? let it touch the floor or fold it as in the picture?

Will depend on many things or not make a difference. Try it out?

I would suspend it somehow and not fold it! ATB Peter

I have mine in a loop tied with fishing tackle so that it hangs above the floor clear of all the other cables.

What about the snaic ? Same rule?

This is what I’ve done, as looping with touching itself en route didn’t work sonically :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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Mine sounds dull unless hanging completely free and in a nice “U” shape.
But if that’s all you can do, try not to worry about it. :+1:t2:


Same here where’s the Snaic :thinking: or am I missing something here

I think Airdavid was asking if the same dressing rule applies to the snaic.
As for the missing snaic in the picture, I am pretty sure the OP was not finished yet. Else the Superline facing the wrong way would also be a question to be asked :slight_smile:


yes my photo is before installing snaic. snaic was not a problem at dressing, is running pretty parallel to burndy with one touch and not reaching the floor. Superlumina interconnect is touching the ground though but not touching other cables, this was the best i could achieve with this rack. Other problems i had in context of a two racks system was that is a bit difficult to relax burndy if the source device is not in the same height as the power supply device.

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Exactly. As for the Snaic:

  1. Can I fold it and / or fix it in some way? Or better to let it fall free to the floor?
  2. Is it better to keep it away and without touching the signal cables, speakers cables and power cables? Or the Snaic has some differences from the simple digital cables and draw them?

(Maybe better if I open a specific thread about it …)


On the 252, the snaic should run in parallel to the burndy, as close as possible without touching each other, hanging freely without touching rack, floor, or wall.

If parallel and close is not possible when hanging freely, pieces of pipe insulator to keep them close may sometimes be a suitable workaround that is better than nothing.

Some say the snaic & burndy can or should touch in one point only. It seems to me that the natural touch point, if any, is on the SC side, as the burndy and snaic sockets are arranged vertically. On the 252 side they are arranged horizontally. So when you run them nicely close and parallel out from the 252, the snaic naturally passes by the burndy close to the SC. In my case, they are very close at this point (a few cm from the SC, where they start bending downward) and occasionally seem to touch very slightly; but other times not quite. I think it may be room temperature (or moon phase :wink: )

When I had to choose (before I re-arranged things) then gently loop the cable with itself - not tight - just enough to get it off the floor.

That is a compromise - the loop is a bit bad for SQ, but on floor is much worse.
A quick test will show - on-floor hardens the sound and removes life, easy detail, depth - and timing is not as good.
Looping slightly muddles the sound, but is less-bad than on-floor.

Best is arranging things so cables are free - it is a puzzle that is not always easy to solve in your own domestic constraint.



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