Superlumina speaker cable direction

Couldn’t find any info regarding the loudspeaker cables direction.

Can someone explain?


Did you look?

Do a search on ‘speaker cable direction’ and 50+ threads appear,

…or you just trolling?

Yes I searched on google and on this forum, nothing. I had the manual but can’t find it and it’s not available on the naim website or anywhere else.

It’s not grey/black marks like with the interconnects.

Actually it is, as per the manual :sunglasses:

Thanks Mike.
Are the little boxes themselves grey/black? Mine are currently too dirty.

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I found a German manual and translated it to English.
For anyone who needs the info:


Sorry, I should have been clearer. The gray/black distinction is the inset within the black ferrite box that the cables pass through.

Now I noticed another issue.
I think there should be only one end of which the red cable is from the left and 3 other ends which the red is from the right.
Mine are: two ends with the red on the left.

Here is a picture that I found and I assume it should be like this:

@Richard.Dane can you please confirm?

Just connect the red pin to red socket at the speaker and amp, and the same with the black.

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I always have mental freeze whenever connecting those cable haha… Sometimes when in darker corner of the room, it is really hard to determine.

I’ve just had to go and check mine, I couldn’t remember taking any notice when I connected mine. :scream:

Luckily they’re as there meant to be.

So did I, and the black band is on the amp side of the black lug, so I freaked out and thought, how did I c#ck this up!

Can’t see the grey direction indicators in that photo so it’s well hidden.

The sockets on the amp are mirrored with the black innermost. Most speakers are not so it sort of makes sense except for the amp channels being arse about face.

As Mike says, just connect the red banded plug to the red/right/ch2 socket. Be sure that the box with the lighter grey insert is closest to the amplifier.

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Perhaps this information can be added to the FAQs for future help


May I know what’s the consequences of connecting the wrong way. So far I am careful but just want to know what if …

Nothing catastrophic, it just has a slight on impact on sound performance.

The grey/black marks are very hard for me to distinguish.
Can someone who has the correct direction share how the naim logo on the cable itself is shown?
Is ‘n’ to the amp and ‘m’ to the speaker?
Is it the same with the two cables?

Track one wire from end to end, is red ringed plug connected to red ringed plug and black to black? something would seem odd if not?