Supermarket Snobbery 2

Old thread closed - amazing when times were ‘normal’.

Came across this last night, hilarious (ok I’m amused as it’s my local one), love the Are You Being Served Sample:


It seems many are not so impressed by celebrity endorsement of supermarket chains as they once were.
I suspect from ordering online due to the rona and being more particular about price and quality.
Certainly not being in the aisles and judging for oneself firsthand the quality, we have had a variance of fresh fruit and vegetables ranging from hard as bullets to yellow and manky being home delivered.
Perhaps some chains have had more perceptive staff picking and choosing the better products available for the customers - and not just simply giving out any old rubbish to fulfill minimising costs.

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Home deliveries are fine for certain things, but I haven’t used these services for many years.

I simply don’t trust others to choose decent fresh food on my behalf with sensible sell by dates/quality - at least if I mess up its my responsibility.


Better pay a little more for quality than less for c**p…



Have you seen the tracksuit one :joy:

Can’t beat a bit of GLC

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I shop in most supermarkets posh or budget apart from Asda. I think it’s a case of knowing the strengths and pitfalls of each.

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Yes, we need far more bands that just poke fun at the world and themselves. Tenacious D were great at that too.

Sultans of ping?

Where’s me jumper :joy:


If you drop your expectations just a wee bit, having someone pick your groceries works just fine. Been doing it for a year and very few complaints. Where I need guaranteed quality, I head to the specialty stores. Just my experience though

Of course, in these days of CV-19, it’s great to see some people still picking/pawing their way through all the goods in the boxes (especially the fresh goods) and shelves as part of their personal QC process.

Interesting that recent reporting in Nature and Wired magazines have emphasised that Covid 19 is primarily an airborne infection and not really a surface one. The point is made that the testing always looks for virus RNA and not active viruses. Finding the first doesn’t mean you have found the second.

The implication is that it’s mainly masks and space (preferably open) that protects, rather than disinfecting surfaces. So someone sorting through the cabbages in a supermarket may not matter and disinfecting your supermarket delivery before putting it away in your kitchen is probably just helping your peace of mind rather than doing anything useful.




I’ve had some poor experiences in the past with online grocery deliveries. Perhaps things are better these days.

Loved the reference to Tarquin.

His mother is a well known local ''phenomenon ‘’ she drives a 4x4 (Discovery) or an Audi -and spends an inordinate amount of time talking about his piano lessons on her mobile phone whilst driving down a single track road.

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We defected from Sainsbury’s in despair about 15 years ago to Waitrose and have never looked back. Tried online shopping a couple of times but numerous factors put us off. We occasionally flirt with Aldi/Lidl and others but have experienced no Emmaus-like conversions - we can see that each has its slightly different advantages but none with enough to make us change our habits. Still do a weekly Waitrose run in person and no plans to change.

Snobbery about Waitrose, both the normal type and (more prevalently) the inverted type, just makes me laugh. I find both types of snobbery say much more about the person saying it than the supermarket concerned.



We now have an online delivery from Tesco every week and then top up from personal visits to Waitrose and to a local village’s butcher/fishmonger and farm shop.

The Tesco delivery experience has been pretty good overall and if anything that has been picked for you doesn’t please you, for whatever reason, including that you changed your mind or just don’t want it now, you leave it in the delivery box at your doorstep and it’s credited back to your card the next day.

There are occasional issues, like being given and charged for one banana when I had ordered 6 and once I got a substitute that I didn’t notice in time of double-sided sellotape instead of ordinary single-sided tape, but overall it works well.

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You can spend half your free time wondering around supermarkets to save £3.

I actually save a lot at Waitrose. They have more offers than any other place I visit and I don’t find them expensive. I do my general shop there and then top up on the excellent beef, chicken, raw giant prawns, sparkling water, and a few essentials at Aldi.

Sanisburys, Asda and Morrisons are garbage. Morrisons has the worst checkouts going.

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Waitrose is great. I find it odd that people who can spend many thousands on a hifi mither about the cost. So what if it costs a few pounds more. They have nice stuff and nice staff, well laid out shops and are a bit better than the others on environmental grounds, though still not good enough. We get most of our veg from a local organic scheme and our organic milk is delivered in glass bottles.

We also use the local small Co-op for bits and bobs. We bought a bottle of Orvieto Classico from the Co-op yesterday for the princely sum of £5.50 and it was delicious.


Because I am self-employed and tend to work from home (exclusively so since last March), I have a lot more time than most to shop, and I tend to do lots of little shops rather than a big one. I’m lucky to have seven supermarkets (plus a decent market , a specialist independent butcher, a baker and a fishmonger too) within walking distance.

Ever since an Aldi Local opened here a couple of years ago I’ve saved huge amounts of money (and time). The quality of most of their stuff is great, the staff friendly and the shopping experience fast and efficient. So, I mostly use Aldi, with Sainsbury’s as backup for big brands/condiments/speciality nosh etc. But I also use M&S, Waitrose, Co-Op and Lidl, depending on what I’m after. And of course the butcher for fresh meat, the fishmonger for fish and seafood, and the market for fruit and veg, flowers and plants. The only one I don’t use is Tesco, 'cause they’re rubbish.


As ever, the Daily Mash nailed it, as far back as 2014:

They even published a best-selling “MILFs of Waitrose” calendar…


I hope Mrs HH wasn’t in it.