Supernait 1 + hi-cap dr

Hi !
I have the opportunity to buy a hi-cap dr power supply at a good price, I want to upgrade my system with Supernait 1, will I actually achieve an improvement in sound, will it be clearly audible?

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I added a regular HiCap to my SN1. Not sure I noticed the difference, but I’m not super sensitive to subtle differences. You may, or may not notice the difference. But if you don’t try it, you’ll never know. Go for it!

I’m just a little worried, thanks for your help

It’s one of the biggest upgrades possible in Naim world. SN1 without hicap has a bit of a bold sound (which you might like like I do) but adding the hicap dr gives it a much more detailed sound without loosing the good stuff it already has.



I bought a HiCap at the same time as my SN1. I would not have bought the amp without the power supply. Subsequently, I had it upgraded to DR and that was another big jump up in performance.

So I would definitely say go for it, but that’s just my opinion and others hear things differently.


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Short answer … yes… adding a hicap to my sn1 was noticeably different and then getting the hicap dr’d was again noticeable. But if you mainly listen to digital, the dac in the sn1 can be improved on… adding an nDac to my sn1+hicap was much more of an improvement over the hicap. Might be worth exploring a better dac and non-hicap’d sn1 ?

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