SuperNAIT 1 Re-Cap Question

Hi Everyone,

I have a early SN1 serial (25x) so 2007 so we’re at the 15 year mark.
I’m looking at sending it in for a re-cap to NAIM/Focal Canada and have a couple questions.

I vaguely (long time ago and possibly incorrectly) recall hearing about at least one service revision that was available related to the volume pot?

  • When a re-cap is done are any outstanding service revisions addressed at the same time?
  • Are there any services outside the re-cap available for the SN1 that are worth requesting at the same time?

After listening to the SN3 + NDX2 last year, I think I’m fine staying with my SN1/Hi-Cap DR/NDAC till SN4.




Hi Nathan

Won’t be an SN4 -number 4 never used ( from memory )

Will go to SN5


Sure, I just mean whatever comes after the SN3.

I’ve just opened a request for a recap for my SN1 at the Canada facility as well.
Will be very interested to hear if there are any additional servicing options available.


Naim Focal Canada will be able to advise you on possible upgrades - they have done excellent service on my Naim Olive (NAC52, SC, 250).

I have gotten a rare DR upgrade to an Olive SC (at the time still available) which makes mine probably the only Olive Supercap DR out there.

I just went back for my second Supercap recap (this time without DR) for comparison.

Turnaround is excellent especially during these summer months. I dropped off in person.

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Ever wonder why Naim tend not to use “4”?

It’s the same with Cyrus; 1,2,3,5,7, then 6,8. No model 4.
It’s called tetraphobia.

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It’s quite bizarre really. I wonder why Naim does sell ‘black’ boxes which is also a sign of death.

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Be careful, they might stop using black now, and use tin.


Nathan let me know what you find out as I have have a 2007 SN1 that should go for a service.



Will do :slight_smile:

They were extremely fast with contacting me after I called them, so I suspect I’ll get a prompt response next week.


Is there a technical reason why Naim will not carry out the DR upgrade to ‘Ollve’ equipment?

Or any other reason really?

NACA4 preceded NACA5. :slightly_smiling_face:


DR upgrades for both Olive and Black have been discontinued due to parts availability and supply issues. See some of the separate threads here.

Also not all Olive products (NAP250) can be upgraded due to compatibility issues.

Thank you, restock.

Do you happen to know whether, when parts become available, ‘Olive’ NAP135s could have a DR upgrade?

Naim’s official line has always been that DR upgrades were only available for Classic series gear. It’s only a few units that non-UK service agents have DR’d which have come to light here.

Hi Timbo,

I didn’t get a lot of specifics, but they indicated that as part of the recapping that they will check and see if there are any other issues.

If any issues are identified they generate an estimate if the cost of repair is above $100 CDN and then request authorization before proceeding.

I assume prices/thresholds can/will change over time, so this is just a point in time snapshot.

It seems very reasonable to me and will probably ship mine off in the near future. :slight_smile:

** I assume it’s ok to post this information I received from Focal / NAIM Canada via e-mail, @Richard.Dane if it isn’t then please edit/censor accordingly **


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Great thanks, I will investigate.


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Hi Timbo,

I should be receiving my SuperNAIT back at the end of this week.
End to end I think it was only about 4 weeks, maybe a bit less.

Process went smoothly.

There were no changes/upgrades/issues - just a smooth re-cap.

Since I originally bought it as a demo, I’m very curious to hear how it will sound ‘new’.

I found the process extremely smooth and the staff very responsive to my questions.

Hope that helps!


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Great, thanks keep me posted.