Supernait 1 source change thump

My recently acquired Supernait 1 gives quite a thump when changing source, eg Tuner to CD, any ideas.

It shouldn’t do that. Mine is silent w.r.t. a thump noise.
Does it ‘thump’ all the time or only when the source switching from or to is playing.

Does it do it with no sources connected up to the amp, i.e. everything disconnected?

Mine doesn’t. It matters not whether there a source connected to the input or not, or whether or not the source is active. Always silent when switching.

I will remove both inputs, TT into 1(CD) NS01 into 2(Tuner) and try.

One thing is I am only using SN1 as preamp, setup as
Hicap connected to SN1 output to xover from Hicap all as per manual.
But it was doing same when SN1 was used a pre with no hicap connected.

So no speakers connected to SN1 4mm speaker outputs.

Using it as a pre-amp might be worth investigating - as you noted HiCap doesn’t make any difference, but how do you have the HC connected - what connection points on the Supernait & what cables

Still thump when changing source buttons (and pressing mute) even when no sources connected.

I go and set it up in my other SBL system and try it as full integrated.

Which I just did without posting last message and no thump. So it’s to do with having a load on the speaker outputs…

Per my previous post … how do you have the HC connected - what connection points on the Supernait & what cables

Mike all as per should be,
No hicap fitted, 4pin din from biamp output to xover

With hicap, SN1 link removed, 5pin din to hicap, hicap to xover.
In both scenarios with no speakers connected to SN1

Both ways cause thump when changing channel (no speakers connected to SN1)
Also lose headphone capability when hicap used as no signal return to power amp section.

Guess I have to live with it, main thing is the unit is working perfect. No dud buy.
And its a stonker of a preamp in my Active Keltik system. The Naim prat is very clear to hear over the ( more sterile) Linn pre sound.

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OK, no probs.

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