Supernait (1) volume control problem

Hi all,

A few times per week I run into an issue where the volume control on the Supernait does not respond to the remote until I physically move the volume dial with my hand.

The Supernait responds to every other button on the remote. This even applies to the HDX remote where it will not respond to the volume control on the remote.

Has anyone else experienced/resolved this issue?

A compact fluorescent light bulb, inside a Fos globe was causing a similar problem for me. The response of the volume to the remote was erratic and on a couple of occasions it resulted in the amp hitting full volume before I could get across the room to stop it.
I knew such bulbs could be an issue but I thought I’d already replaced it with an LED but when I removed he globe to clear some dead insects there was the culprit. No problems since actually replacing it except I picked up one of those corpse white ones on the first attempt so something warmer had to be purchased.

Need new batteries?

Apart from new batteries and possible interference, could the knob be binding on the fascia? Another possibility is that the LED wires are binding on the volume control shaft.

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