SuperNait 1 with supercap

i thought the addition of a hiCAP and then a hiCAP DR didn’t really do much
but the addition of the supercap is a complete revelation

of course it’s a bit much and not the entire CAP is utilized but it has
totally transformed my modest 12 year old integrated

used to listen around 11 to 12 and now at 1 or 2 o’clock (dial),
imaging, pace, bass notes coming through
for the first time really, coherence between instruments

well worth the investment and ready for separates someday

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There is the same kind of result on some pre-amp like 32.5, using a supercap is better than an HC, even if not all CAP in the SC are used.

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And even on something like a Headline, where only one rail is used - the Supercap is a big step up from the Hicap.

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Can you power a SN and a Stageline from one supercap?

No, the Supercap can only be used on one item at any one time. So while they can’t be powered directly from the same Supercap, you can power the Supernait from the Supercap and then the Stagline from the AUX2, which will also get some benefit from the Supercap supply on the Supernait.


I find this surprising. Over. a decade ago, when I evaluated the SN1, I tried it with and without HC and compared it with 200/202/NAPSC/HC. I eventually opted for the former and not on cost grounds. I was not the only person who made that choice. However, the 200 set easily trumped the bare SN1, at least to my ears. This was after careful auditioning at home over an extended period (Christmas holiday). I would not have bought or run the SN without a HC. Later, I had the HC DR’d and that gave a further substantial improvement in SQ, more indeed than DR;ing the XPS on my nDAC. Odd how we all hear things differently.



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