Supernait 2 and NAP 200

Hello everyone, i have a supernait 2 with some buzz issues and i’d like to connect it to a nap 200. Id like to use the SN2 as pre and nap 200 as final to test if the buzz issue disappear.
I made some test with nap 200 and another pre (nad) and i didn’t have buzz issues.
How can i connect the nap to SN2 as it can be just a pre


what about the electric environment at your home, have you earthed el socket (where SN2 is connected)?

I assume that buzz comes from transformer.

I am assuming it doesn’t …more likely the speakers…as he is trying to narrow down the source of the buzz

I haven’t experienced something like that - with my SN2 and previously xS2. Maybe it’s worth it a try with other el socket or friend house - for example.

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it is connected with a shuko

with nap200 the speakers doesnt have buzz

do u think i can solve it with nap200 and SN2 as pre?

i did and there is no problem in friends house

To me sounds like electricity issue. First check the earthing - If does exist and what kind of devices are connected in the same group

but it doesn’t happen with nap200

Yes, maybe SN is more sensitive but please try to disconnected all equipment (el devices) from the group where SN has been connected and then try.

i tried, only the SN2 connected…no way!
What is the connection to use SN2 as a pre and NAP as amp?

If you are asking how to connect those two …, here you go;

Do you have DR version?

no. It’s a 2008 version.
do i need the dr one?

Well, The SuperNait2 has got an internal DR powersupply module for the preamp. You don’t “need” but probably would be a bigger step forward with DR version.

Tks. So i will not have an improvement if i use nap200 and SN2.

I would not bother connecting NAP 200 or NAP 250 for that matter to SN2.

SN2 is a great integrated amplifier. But it’s pre-section is exposed when connected to an external power amp.

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what do u think about 202/200 vs SN2?