Supernait 2 DR circuit

So the sn2 has a dr regulators supplying power to the preamp I presume, so when a hicap dr is connected does that render the internal DR redundant with the pre being supplied by the external hicap?


This has always been the way. Before DR, power supplies were still regulated, just not using the DR devices. If you used an external power supply rather than the built in one, then you circumvent the local regulated power supply.

But DR in in of itself isn’t the main point. It’s the larger external power supply. DR is just the icing on the cake.

Yes - however the internal regulator is single rail & powers both L&R channels.
The HC is 2 rail, one for each of the L&R channels


Ah now I see the benefit electrically. I’m saving for one so just curious as to why is seems to offer such an improvement

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