SuperNait 2 has gone pear shaped!

Hi, this morning my hifi suddenly started emiting a very loud sound from the speakers…almost like a house alarm or something similar. I wasn’t playing anything at the time. I turned everything off and will arrange for it to be hopefully sorted by Darran.
I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone on here? I leave my system on all the time, except holidays. The Nait 2 utilises a HCap DR which I will remove tonight to ensure this is not the culprit.
I can only imagine it’s a major electrical fault that has caused some kind of open circuit.
I forgot to mention that turning the volume to zero and pressing the mute button did not stop the noise.

SORRY…I mean Supernait 2 not the old Nait 2.

How does the Nait 2 utilise the hicap?

Problem sounds like caps but Darran will no doubt find the culprit.

I think the OP means Supernait 2.

Good plan to take the Hicap out and put the link plug back in to help you isolate the fault.


Not sure how you use a HiCap DR with a Nait 2 but try the Nait 2 just on it’s own and see if you still have the problem or maybe try HiCap DR on something else if you have something suitable.

If an sn2 then remove the hicap and try it without if the speakers and/or your ears can take it.

If you haven’t tried a HCap on your Nait 2 then I recommend you do.
Yes, I will remove the HCap tonight to ensure the fault lies with the Nait 2.

Yes, Supernait 2…thanks James


Just removed the HCap, fitted the link plug and the problem is still there…so definitely the SNait 2 causing the problem.

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At least you’ve isolated it to the SN2 - Darran will get it sorted :crossed_fingers:

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If this is the problem the amp is usually easy to fix, but any damage it then causes to your speakers is likely to be much more expensive, possibly including new drivers if they are available, or even new speakers if they’re not. If in doubt, turn off the amp until it’s fixed.
Obviously you got away with it when you tried without the Hicap, but I wouldn’t have chanced it.

You can’t use a Hicap on a Nait 2, there is nowhere to plug it in.

A bit disappointed. My SNait2 came back from Salisbury via my dealer today fitted with “2 new blocking tants and tested” for the princely sum of £414.
Plugged everything in, got it nicely on the Fraim, checked all the connections and turned it on…exactly the same problem that it had when I sent it.
Anyway my kind dealer is picking it up tomorrow to be sent priority back to Salisbury next week.

Out of interest, are you running the SN2 bare or with the Hicap - just wondering if you have an issue with the SNAIC5 ?

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What you have described sounds like the noise you get when you accidentally plug in or unplug a SNAIC while everything is powered up - a high pitched squealing. Are you sure the SNAICs and HICAP are OK, because they may be the problem?

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Hi, I tried the snait with and without the HCap (using the link plug) when the problem first arose with both ways producing the same fault so, I can eliminate the HCap.
My little Nait 1 has been providing backup duties and so can eliminate a speaker/ speaker cable problem.
Played the awful noise the amps producing to my dealer over the phone and he reckons it’s definitely the amp. Probably the power amp section as the noise is the same loudness irrespective of where the volume control is, which input is selected and whether mute is on or off.

So it still makes the noise without the Hicap - that’s a bugger. Hope you they can turn it around quickly for you.

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