Supernait 2 - Intermittant fault losing right channel

I have a problem with my Supernait 2.

My right channel stopped working a while back. I kind of know the cause. I was re-connecting it to my Hi-Cap following a move and stupidly reconnected the link plug whilst it was still plugged in (I thought I had no live connection). At the time, there was a crackling from the speakers and then the right channel went down. An hour or so later, it came back.

The Supernait worked fine for a few weeks and then the right channel disappeared.

I brought it to my Naim dealer and explained the problem and left it with him. As I am not in the UK (am based in Europe) he said that many repairs were carried out locally. After a few days he contacted me to say there was no problem and the unit was working fine.

I collected it and indeed it was.

Then after a month or so, the problem reappeared. Occasionally, the channel comes back.

Anyone had a similar issue? I expect I will have to bring it back to the dealer and maybe suggest some form of test etc and thorough investigation (which might require it to be returned to Sailsbury)?

Perhaps @NeilS has some ideas here…

Probably a lazy relay

Or a dodgy link plug?

The link plug has been removed an a Hi Cap is now in the its place.

Poorly snaics?

Certainly sounds like a dodgy reed in the mute/output relay.


Thanks All…

@NeilS … does this require going back to Sailsbury or could a local repair work?

I would ask your Naim dealer about it. As the fault is intermittent, tell them that you have been advised that relay S403 requires replacement.


Many Thanks

Will bring it in and advise accordingly

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